rock(port) me baby, rock(port) me all night long…

you know there are some stories you just shouldn’t tell, you should keep them hidden deep in your heart & soul, and be happy & grateful that you had them.
this is not one of those stories.
i am here tonight in rockport mass, in a town that’s lovelier in person than in picture postcards. it’s christmas every single day here. truly.
the last time i was here was 18 years ago. ken & i moved here for what was supposed to be five months. we got a sweet house, and settled in. he was shooting a film, a big, long shoot. we were brand new. dating and sexy and new. and god knows we couldn’t stand being away from each other for longer than ten minutes. nothing is sexier than first kisses. nothing. they last long and dry your lips and you think about them all day. those kisses. those lovely gorgeous sexy kisses. and so, i came with him to rockport. that’s the great perk of being a writer. i can write (or not write) anywhere.
well, the big hollywood director of the movie was a guy i kinda sorta dated months and months before. months before. We dated, we slept together and honestly, truthfully, it just didn’t have a future. and so, like all bad relationships with absolutely no future, you move on.

months later, i met ken. and the universe shook and i fell deeply in like.

and it was there — in the middle of the square in rockport, massachusetts — our lives changed forever. truly. ken and the director were standing in a basket in this giant cherry picker, getting ready to do a shot, and i show up – all bubbly and happy – and wave to ken, and he – all bubbly and happy – waves back at me and the cherry picker, this massive crane – swear to god – starts vibrating and swaying and it appears that the knees of the director are buckling. buckling. the entire cherry picker was swaying and nothing, absolutely nothing, could stop it.

it was that night that ken was fired.
he was told that it would be too difficult for the director to work with him. it wasn’t because ken had done a bad job, or a mediocre job, it was simply because the director couldn’t bare to be ‘in the same town as me.’
they even tried concocting some bullshit story that ken was ill, that he had contracted some such disease or something,
the studio wanted ken & the director to have a talk, a heart to heart.
and so, ken & the director had a long heart to heart. but still. at the end of the day, he just couldn’t bare my being there. it was too much for him. he was a sensitive type o’ guy.
and so ken was fired because i had slept with the director.
now some women sleep with a guy and get a raise, or a full spread in vanity fair. i sleep with a guy and i’m banned from a town. go figure.
my god, who knew i was so powerful and sexy?
who knew?

we decided to stay on in rockport and fight for him to receive his full salary. i called a good friend who was running a major film studio and gave him all the gory details, the blow by blow, he was extremely supportive, told me not to worry, and offered to step in and referee the fight. shortly after, the president of twentieth century fox (the studio behind the film) called ken and offered him full salary for the remainder of the film.

it became widely known throughout the industry as “the ferris deal.”

but none of that is the cool, sexy, oh my god fabulous part.
all of that led to the cool, sexy fabulous part:
after things settled down, and we were getting ready to leave rockport, ken got down on his hands and knees, and i of course being me thought he had a lost a contact lense, and so i joined him on my hands and knees, and while i thought we were looking for his lense, it turns out that he was seeing life very, very clearly.

“amy,” he asked, “will you marry me?”

yes, yes, yes…
we live happily.

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10 Responses to “rock(port) me baby, rock(port) me all night long…”

  1. Hollye Dexter

    Oh my god- this story brought the biggest smile to my face!!!
    LOVE IT!

  2. Linn

    Happy Ever After stories are the best! Thanks for sharing, and for coming back…

  3. Barbara@The Middle Ages

    Wow, you run the gauntlet in this one — passion, anger, betrayal, jealousy, true love and romance. Am still swooning…

  4. co

    this fucking rock(ports).

    and I thought the blog was going to be about those ugly comfortable shoes.

  5. Jane

    GREAT ending to a great story. I am typing this with a big smile on my face!

  6. ellyn

    just love learning more about you and ken, a sweet story for sure, amy.

  7. barbi

    I did not know thai story! Sweet, funny and so very Amy. Love it!
    BTW I just posted the womentor story we did on my blog (with a link to here) and its getting such nice comments… thank you for your advice!

  8. Linda tears

    Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvved it……..again…I cried…”will you marry me?” Oh Ken. You found the right one!!!

  9. Maxee

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Great story.
    After meeting you both it was so obvious how very much in love you are. Be still me heart. I just LOVE that.
    And LOVE you both with kisses and hugs.

  10. Andie East

    I know I’m late to the party but SO CUTE! I love that you got on your hands and knees to find the contact lens. Even if that part was made up. Especially if that part was made up.

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