call waiting

why is it no one famous ever contacted me, or contacts me after death?
i mean, my god, tori spelling went to a psychic to get in touch with her father and … farrah contacted her. i mean i completely get it, the connection, you know… charlie’s angels … and obviously the whole ‘angel’ thing… and they were neighbors. i get it. i don’t begrudge her at all.

and i’ve gone to many, many, many psychics, intuits, tarot readers – you name it, i’ve done it. past life regressions. check. spiritual healers. check. miss rosalie on tenth avenue. check. check. and never, not once did a famous person from the beyond get in touch with me. i mean i don’t even have old boyfriends get in touch with me…

why not me?

why is it no one famous — dead & famous, which is completely different than a wanna be & a has been — why is it no one famous contacts me?

is it an area code or zip code thing? that sounds doable. our area code changed a few times in the last couple of years. that could be it.

is it because i moved a lot when i was young and never really settled down until i was much older and wiser. possible. you know, it’s hard to keep track, someone’s whereabouts.
is it because i went to the wrong psychics who had no famous (dead) clients? well, that could be. could be.

is it because i wasn’t good enough? hmmmmmmm. not a road i wanna travel down right now.
is it because we didn’t have call waiting when we were growing up and no one – absolutely no one – could get through to us ever? not even live relatives or neighbors.
is it because i needed so desperately to be liked, accepted, paid attention to (when i was MUCH MUCH MUCH younger) that i in fact repelled and nauseated the very people who could have helped me have a big huge massive film career? possibly, but then again hollywood is such a fickle fucking place. trust me if i wrote a script tomorrow and it sold for a gazillion dollars anyone and everyone who never ever returned a phone call would find me in a heartbeat. it’s like being a dog in heat. okay, scratch that notion.

is it because i never dropped the majors…. as in: farrah fawcett majors?

or is it because none of the phone/cell carriers – verizon, at&t, sprint, cellular one – none of them have an FFF plan: friends & family & famous dead people plan?

i can’t believe i even think about this shit.

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  1. Hollye Dexter

    being famous and dead is sooo over rated.
    i like what your pyschic said to you MUCH better!

  2. Linda tears

    I sent a copy of MGC to a psychic I know…everyone must be trying to contact her to get to you because she’s leaving LA for a month for more peaceful surroundings…I’ll mention this when she’s back in town…xox

  3. barbi

    try taking an 800 number, I hear that works wonders, like a friend of mine who did this had like Joan Crawford, Dirk Bogarde, even Shirley MacLaine, and she not dead yet is she? contact her!

  4. Maxee

    You just crack me up, girlfriend. ROTFLOL!!!

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