i have a friend who i just love to pieces.
he’s the kind of guy who should have a street named after him, or a statue erected in his honor, or at the very, very least a clothing line designed by marc jacobs and possibly, maybe replace YSL with his initials: SOS.

he is:
a feminist
a champion of all things HUMAN
a community leader & builder
an AIDS/HIV activist
a publisher
a writer
a businessman
a philanthropist
a humanitarian
a peace maker
a ramble rouser
he’s oh so very generous.

and while i have you, no, he’s not at all perfect. but why list the small stuff.

he’s speaks up, speaks out, shares his life, lends a hand, gives a shoulder, takes the high road, lifts a spirit, and makes waves. many, many gorgeous waves.
as far as i’m concerned, he makes this world so much better.

thank you mr. strub.

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3 Responses to “sean”

  1. Vienna

    Ditto Amy! The world can take away a few lessons from Mr. Strub, he leads by example and the world is a better place because of him!

  2. Missi

    Thank you, Amy! 🙂

  3. John

    We love him too, Amy. But go ahead, list the small stuff.

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