divorcing mel gibson

okay, so clearly this guy has an oral fixation — a vulgar, ugly, nasty, deep seated hateful streak that can no longer be capped. he’s just like the oil spill.

BP vs MG.

i’m quoting the huffpost piece:
“I let you sleep, I shouldn’t have woken you up and said, ‘fucking blow me! That was my goddamn mistake,” Mel screams. His panting and screaming gets more out of control from there.

“I deserve to be blown first! Before the fucking Jacuzzi! Ok, I’ll burn the goddamn house up, but blow me first! How dare you!??!”

okay. so, he’s a racist, a sexist, homophobic, and anti-semitic. he’s short and nasty and vulgar and made a couple of decent movies and a few clinkers and he built his own church in malibu, and from what i gather he’s none too happy that his russian girlfriend has fake tits and uses botox (oh for god fucking sake, HELLO???!!!!). i believe he referred to her as either plastic or inauthentic. (hey to sort of quote you mel, we all have our cross, you know, to bare.)

and … he’s a batterer and…

and ….

… clearly he prefers to be blown BEFORE taking a jacuzzi.

(and i just want to say for the record that many, many, many years ago when we were vacationing in st. barts my husband wanted me to blow him before we got into the jacuzzi… and you can just imagine, me being me, it was the no one puts baby in a corner moment…)

and to add fuel to this already out of control fire, his agent (ed limato) of 30 some odd years just died. like last week.

hey mel, i wouldn’t be too concerned about getting blown because from where i’m sitting, you are so very fucked.

and just like the movies, i’m pretty sure this one is either gonna end with a big bloody shoot out, or you know, a typical hollywood ending.

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5 Responses to “divorcing mel gibson”

  1. kristine

    what you mean to say is MG has blown himself…not easy but plenty seem to manage it.

  2. Madge

    Well said. He must have paid his ex-wife a pretty penny not to spill her guts on how they got all those kids. Maybe he threatened her too but the money was just to good. Or after he was diagnosed with bi-polar disease he actually took the meds for awhile. Clearly needs them again and to think he goes to a therapist-not a great one if this is the best he can do with his client and his ISSUES. He grew up with a holocaust denier for a father and I can only imagine how much hatred spewed from his lips. The apple apparently doesn’t fall from the tree. I actually listened to Rador Online’s Tapes and it is beyond disgusting and even if she set him up others suggest he is so vindictive I would have set him up as well to protect myself and my child. Oksana is no dummy. She her out on wikipedia. She is a musician and composer and no slouch before she met Mel. Just my two cents.

  3. melody george

    You said it toots!!! The guy has f**ked himself this time…I guess she just didnt want to give him lip service….. ; P

  4. Maggie Birke

    Not to be cynical but… it’s Hollywood. And Hollywood is a fat, crass, amoral rug salesman. Isn’t the only true crime having a bomb at the box office? A million bucks says this guy will hit rehab, make profuse amends and another worldwide hit, be back on top and the powers-that-be will smile indulgently and say “we all make mistakes.” Let’s not forget that Michael Jackson was a pedophile and the entire city shut down for his weepy, bloated memorial, huh? Everybody watch Ben Vereen in All That Jazz again. He’s dead-on.

  5. Nancy Brook

    I seriously think Mel needs some therapy. It sounds like there is either mental illness or drug addiction influencing his bizarre behavior.

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