let’s go to the tape…

i’m feeling very much like howard cosell here.
let’s go to the tape people.
this being tape number 5.

squeezed & overwhelmed, mel is beginning to sound a bit cash poor. he’s gonna have to sell some paintings & his lakers box seats. ripping oksana to shreds verbally he claims she is a (expletive) horrible mother and he will never forgive her for all the negative publicity and grief (what the fuck?) and she retaliates by calling him a jealous, mean man and i quote “the worst father she’s ever met.”
you’re gonna pay. she says.
no, no… you you’re gonna fucking pay, bitch. crawl. he says.

ok. clearly he’s looking for some sort of payback. (huh. wasn’t that one of his movies? payback? or was it ransom? maybe ransom. maybe both.)

you know i’m not a psychiatrist, but being a woman who went through a pretty intense midlife crisis, i would say mr. gibson has all the earmarkings of … tada … MENOPAUSE.

and that’s being very kind.

probably not the payback he was hoping (and praying) for.
but still…

hey mel need a midol?

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2 Responses to “let’s go to the tape…”

  1. Jane

    LMFAO! True that!

  2. Madge Woods

    He needs more than a midol. He needs inpatient rage/anger management. Of course he might have to sell something in his $300 million dollar estate. Let’s have a pity party for Mel. He is a #$%^&& man whore, a $%%^&&* narcissistic a c…… word for a man (dick, schmuck, prick,) any other words I could think of %$^&**((^. I feel so much better now.

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