okay, a little bit of a round-up.
mel’s rampage. my personal favorite mel headline: I DESERVE TO BE BLOWN. (stand in line, mel, it’s going alphabetical)
bristol & levi getting married. next stop: RealityVille. And these people make more money than teachers & nurses.
lindsay in sober rehab, but … yes, going to jail. she will find god.
wesley snipes heading to jail for 3 years. denzel washington wrote a letter to the judge saying that wesley was like a big strong oak tree. yes, yes, of course he is, and hidden under that big strong oak tree in a big box is a couple of million dollars.

how about instead of jail or rehab we send these folks, and all the others who feel entitled, better than, superior, above the law, and oh so frickin’ privileged to haiti, to homeless shelters, to women’s shelters, to disaster areas, to AIDS clinics for say a year or two or three with just the shirts on their back and in lindsay’s case, one tube of lipgloss and one bottle of nail polish. and how about they have to donate huge — mega bucks –amounts of money to education and health care, to building schools and arts centers, and all and everything that has to do with the welfare of children.

and how about we call that:
“AN I for a WE”

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5 Responses to “CrazyVille”

  1. Madge Woods

    Love this. You are so funny and clever.

  2. Hollye Dexter

    YESSSSSS! Jail- shmail.
    Community service, life lessons….What a better world it would be if we did that!!!
    And for those who send men and women to war, make them spend a year there first.

    Amy for president!

  3. kristine

    Where do I sign the petition? hey, just a thought…Amy Ferris for President…just a thought…you would definitely win the menopausal vote. There, we could start a new party and run you on that ticket…zoloft for every middle aged woman and all the chocolate you can eat…
    I adore you, your insight, humor and irreplaceable irreverence. You have my vote.

  4. Debbie

    Brilliant. And I’m always saying “I” should run the world, but apparently, YOU SHOULD! LOL! AMY! AMY! AMY!

    I’d vote for you … can I be your VP?

    love u

  5. ellyn

    P E R F E C T AMY!!!!!

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