new word – vegetating


a cross between meditating and being in a vegetative state.
imagine reclining — TV clicker in hand — for say 48/14.
EXCEPT you’re not watching TV, you’re rewinding all the tapes in your head, playing them over & over & over, when finally you hear a teeny little voice:

a hint of enlightenment.

then all gets a little quiet, shhhhhhhh, and you start hearing the words of gary zuckav, the wisdom of eckhart tolle, the brillance and compassion of pema chodron, and the humanity and spirit of the dalai lama instead of say, your mother:

instead of live with slipcovers, you hear… live with intention
instead of hold on tight, you hear … let it go
instead of you’ll amount to nothing, you hear … awaken to your greatness
instead of ssshhh i’m watching my programs, you’ll hear … live out loud
instead of where’s the bold detergent, you’ll hear … be bold
instead of that’s so fucking ridiculous, you’ll hear … be audacious
instead of go ask daddy to drive you, you’ll hear … throw away the road map
instead of being a back seat driver, you’ll be … the driver
instead of speaking when spoken to, you’ll speak … your truth
instead of please, take care of me, you’ll … TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF
instead of do you love me, you’ll … LOVE YOURSELF
instead of refill my coffee cup, you’ll … FULFILL YOUR MISSION

… all else will follow.

all else will follow.
simple. trust, all else will follow.

bodhi clicker pose.

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