this one’s for kristine

she will have a will and strength you’ve never seen.
she will hate you one minute, then love you with all her heart and soul the very next.
she will call you names, then forget you’re her daughter.
she will look at you and stare, and then remember a moment.
she will kick and scream, and then laugh joyously.
she will say she loves ice cream, then throw it away.
she will remember the bad times, and long for the good ones.
she will howl at the moon, and then she will spit at it and make a wish.
she will call you in the middle of the night, and swear it’s the afternoon.
she will demand you give her the car keys, then forget how to drive.
she will break your heart, then help you pick up the pieces.
she will she yes and no and no and yes and yes and no and no and yes over and over… and over.
she will confuse night for day and day for night and dinner for breakfast and breakfast for lunch.
she will hurt you deeply, then look you in the eyes and say… i’m so sorry.
she will love your hair, then hate your clothes.
she will spit at a stranger.
she will count her pennies.
she will tell you she has millions hidden away.
she will cry.
she will forget.
she will remember.
she will soil herself.
she will be so deeply embarrassed.
she will feel ashamed.
she will say fuck you more than not, both to your face and silently.
she will look in the mirror and not know who she is.
she will lose her keys and her faith.
she will hold your hand and kiss your fingers and tell you how beautiful you are.

she will wish she were in a different body.

you will fall in love with her.

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9 Responses to “this one’s for kristine”

  1. Molly

    Amy, so very, very lovely and kind and true. Thank you for caring and loving and showing up – A treasure are you.

  2. Madge Woods

    I have commented on your other blogs about your mother. I witness this every time I visit my Mom. Thanks for your beautiful thoughts. As always a joy to reach whether sad or happy.

  3. PamelaJo

    I have gone through this as well. You put into words what thousands of us have gone through. Thank you.

  4. kristine

    without fail you bring light and love and truth and kindness and a sweet hand to lift my chin. thank you for walking along side me.

  5. Kathleen

    Amy: Your words are the Strength, Sadness, Beauty, Truth and Love of LIFE

    This was a most ‘heartfelt hug’ you could send Kristine and her Mom

    I love you! KB

  6. Hollye Dexter

    Heartbreaking and beautiful.
    I’m sorry for all who have had to go on this journey with their mothers.
    You’re a brave soul.
    love you.

  7. Barbara@The Middle Ages

    I’ve been away for the last little while so I did a mass read of the blogs that I missed. Too many comments for the delight and surprise and thoughts you inspire. So let me just say, You rock, Amy Ferris.

  8. Linda tears

    You…your words…your images…these are miracles! You are a miracle to all those who know you…Amy Ferris is my addiction…my teacher…my friend…my sister…my lover…my daughter…my mother…how powerful is the ecstasy of your gifts…we can’t climb that high…and we don’t have to…you have climbed the mountain for us…xox

  9. melody george

    oh my..i had trouble reading this because of the tears in my eyes.
    this is us…isnt it? this is all of us…we will all howl at the moon and we will all forget who we are…but in the end…in the very very very end..we dont really forget who loves us and who we love.
    I will never forget ..never…
    thank you Amy…

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