the cats are all right

i have to say when julianne moore says to annette bening (and this is not a direct piece of dialogue) “that was your fourth glass,” and annette says, “no, it was only my third,” i knew that the movie was about me.
although i am not a lesbian, nor is ken, that movie — the kids are all right — could have been me. us. our marriage, minus the kids and the sperm donor.
we have two cats. there was no sperm donor, although i am pretty convinced that one day their biological mother(s) will come looking for them and then, honest, all frickin’ hell will break open.
until then….

back to julianne & annette.

the truth of that relationship.
the looks.
the quirks.
the pinching of the mouth.
the tilting of the eyes.
the joy.
the anger.
the love.
the sorrow.
the jealousy.

and yes, yes mark ruffalo was fabulous and sexy and the only thing i didn’t get truly was the way he was sort of treated at the end, like a criminal, which he wasn’t. but then ken said to me when we left the theater that he completely understood the reaction that annette had. completely.
i didn’t.
and i loved, absolutely loved the scene where she sang joni mitchell.
oh my god.
her face.
the beauty.
the truth.
her mouth.
her honesty.

and what i loved the most was that both women wore their age with such beauty and dignity and joy and sorrow and i would love to just say for the record that for me it wasn’t a movie about gay women, or lesbian’s … it was and is for me a movie about life and love and women and men and children and growing up and growing older.

and everything in between.

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  1. Madge Woods

    I thought the same thing-it was a movie about family. I thought they disliked Mark R. because he disrupted their balance and what their life had been and in some ways did so much damage but in others made them think about their relationship and treated it kinder. I loved this movie as did my friend. We are not gay as well so the movie wasn’t about that to me either. Just like any family trying to keep it together after years.

  2. PamelaJo

    Now I really want to see this movie. I think I’ll have to make the trip into town for this one. It sounds like it is a great movie.

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