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most folks who know me know that i love anything & everything astrologically related. horoscopes, psychics, intuits, card readers, iChing, YouChing, clairvoyants — you name it, i’ve tried it, loved it. and often crave & craved more.

it’s an addiction, and yes i’m trying to get help. Astrological Anonymous. And yes, it is a twelve step program, one for each astrological sign.

i think it all has to do with needing someone else to tell me what to do. you know, making decisions & choices for me. that way i can point a finger, and place blame. “you said i should quit my day job….” this is probably why i depend on & love the GPS girl. someone telling me where to turn, recalibrate, and yes yes, make a left, for god sake make a left.

so in other words this is about someone (except ken) telling me where my life is possibly going, how i should live my life, who i should dump, when i should buy a car, give away clothes, get a new job, continue writing, stay angry at ken, apologize to ken, call an old friend, change my phone number, give up wheat & green vegetables, donate money, and change hair stylists.

come on, don’t be shy, we all (okay…MOST) read this shit. daily horoscopes. check. rita does readings. check. i mean who doesn’t know when mercury is in retrograde? i have friends who wear designer hazmat suits for an entire month.

i even so much as started a book a while ago titled: amy in retrograde – you can well imagine.

which brings me straight to yesterday’s horoscope (and god knows i share this baby with hollye!!!!!!)

“you will experience ups and downs today. be prepared to have moments of great clarity, and moments of huge confusion. all money matters should be put on the back burner, and all work related issues should be reconsidered. if you are in a love relationship stay clear of any and all possible arguments, if you are not in a love relationship stay clear of any and all strangers. today is not a day to be operating heavy equipment.”

as you can well imagine, i tried to stay clear of yesterday.

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  1. kristine

    for me the Leo: Your desire to earn more money must be backed up by an effective plan and determined action. You’ve been daydreaming and not exactly being as practical as you could be. There are opportunities but wealth requires some solid strategies that you must put your mind to just now. Trust yourself and the guides that show up today.

    thanks guiding goddess

  2. Madge

    Believe or or not I don’t do astrology. I do shamanic healings does that count? I build altars does that count? I liked today’s blog. Yesterday about the seeds didn’t quite find it’s way to my brain.

  3. Kathleen

    I read my tarot card the day after now go figure that one out. Mental!!
    It is usually not exact and I promised my Gram I would never go to Madame Marie on the Boardwalk even though I sent many friend to her.

    Write, drink wine, stay away from the back hoe, love Ken, breath in/out and tomorrow is another day.

    I am finally reading your blog on a daily basis, I admit I just did not have time before now I make the time because you instill in me LIFE. xoxo

  4. Barbara@The Middle Ages

    Ha! Amy, this is so me. Read those damn things like a bible. And the predictions of madness and mayhem always come true. And, sadly, those predicting fame, fortune, and amazing luck never do *sigh*

  5. Hollye Dexter

    Ha ha ha ha!!! I’m so glad I didn’t read that horror-scope until two days later. I would have been a basket case! Oh well, at least we go through it together!

    Love you!

  6. Donald. Sanders

    I don’t know why you waste your time on all that crap. Just ask me! I know absolutely everything. Come on, come on test me! Come on I dare you! ask me something! Cluck cluck cluck chinken!
    I’ll give you an example of my smartguy thingy!
    You are afraid to listen to ken because he is always right!
    Am I right? amI right? Ya, that what I thought!
    Game, set, homerun.
    You can do no wrong when you put your pen to paper. You must have a wild mind.

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