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i’m not a fan of monday, and as i lay awake (or is it lie awake?), watching the clock go from 3:13 am to 3:17 am, i think … hmm, what is it about monday? why is it so dreaded? and god knows i’m not alone in this. many folks have a monday issue. many. and many won’t talk about it. they sweep it under the rug, acting as if they love the day when in truth they just want it to end.

so as i lie here, eyes wide open, bored at all the other shit i’m thinking about, i decide to try and figure this out. here’s one possible scenario:

sunday night was always chinese take-out (kwong ming) or dairy night (which explains my deep seated dairy issue), and of course watching “the ed sullivan show.” sunday night seemed to be chock full of good programming and laughter and it felt very much like a family night. i loved sunday.
monday was school, which i always disliked, and then to make matters worse, i think it was also left-over night (which explains my deep seated left-over issue) and it always seemed to me that monday had the worst TV of any night – even the TV shows felt like left-overs, shows i never wanted to watch. so monday was a complete wash.
tuesday picked up a bit, both in terms of dinner & television.
wednesday was, as i remember, a great TV night: the patty duke show and some other cool programming, which made the entire day worthwhile.
after wednesday the week seemed to go a bit faster. thursday, friday and saturday were all home runs. the partridge family was on friday night and everything – absolutely everything – revolved around that.

saturday was bowling, which was fabulous and fun, and saturday night was usually dinner out, or… i was either at my aunt’s or grandmothers for the weekend, which meant really good food, and or chicken soup with loads of noodles. if i’m not mistaken (when i was young), there was wrestling on TV, which my grandfather loved, and as i got older … singing and dancing kind of television, which depending on whether i had my period – i was either twisting the night away with chubby checker, or crawling the walls. it had everything to do with hormones.

and my all time favorite sunday, hands down, was the “the jerry lewis telethon” sunday. labor day weekend. and this is the truth, i’m not sure what i wanted to be more: someone who was answering the pledge phones, or one of jerry’s kids. but i knew i wanted to be a part of that telethon, and i would call in and make a pledge, a small teeny pledge.

so much seemed to happen on sunday. any given sunday. it was the night that we sat around the card table in the den, ate dinner, and watched TV. it seemed like such a happy night.

maybe the truth is, when monday rolled around, it just seemed like it would take forever to get to sunday.

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  1. Hollye Dexter

    omg- loved this! what a fun little nostalgic journey you just took me on.
    THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY! Not only did my life revolve around it, i wanted to grow up and BE the Partridge family. So I did.

    Growing up, so much of my life was influenced by tv too!
    Now I love Weds and Thurs, Modern Family and 30 Rock.

    But remember Amy- Monday is our magic day now! Miracle Mondays from now on….

  2. kristine

    I know I am not alone in mentioning this…but each time I see either of your names pop up any where…ZING…MIRACLE. My heart flutters, my mind races with anticipation, excitement and the giddy possibility of actually sitting on a porch somewhere finishing off a bottle (or two) of wine and literally content to just be together.

  3. Madge Woods

    Howdy Doody, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, My Little Margie, Ed Sullivan, Lassie (dating myself here) were some of my favorites as I was growing up. I loved school so Monday was the start of a new exciting and wonderful week for me. Sunday was family day. And summer was totally fun days everyday on our block and at the park. We were on our own to explore and disappear at neighbors houses which served all of us. Thanks for the memories.

  4. Molly

    I flat out LOVED Sunday night… like Hollye said… this was a little slice of a stroll down memory lane… but I have to say that I think Sunday is where my cowgirl roots got started… Bonanza and The Virginian, in front of the fire with take out Italian – Pizza and Sparkling Rose… even when I was 12 years old – And then Monday meant heading to school where I was definitely not “in” at all! Amy – love every word that comes out of your mouth, or rather through your fingers, or rather both! You strike a cord every time… so many great “conversations to start”!

  5. Linda tears

    AMY…Kwong Ming??? Kwong Ming…was that on Merrick Avenue…I love it…it was our take out/ eat in…and they catered all my parent’s parties…

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