putting the ‘we’ in weather

“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”
– Mark Twain

last night (almost verbatim):
ken said: it was the best summer he’s ever remembered, weather wise.
i said: huh. not for me, it was hot & humid & some days my body ached like crazy.
he said, are you fucking serious? it was spectacular.
i said, there were days that were really, really hot & sticky.
he said, whatdya talking about. it was great.
i said, not for me.
he said, hmmm.
i said, yeah, hmmmm.
he said, i can’t believe you don’t think the weather has been fabulous.
i said nothing.
he said, seriously?
i said nothing.
he said, okay maybe 3 or 4 days were brutal.
i said, try 8 or 9.
he said, bullshit.
i said, you know what, i’m in therapy, you’re not.
he said, what the fuck does that mean?
i said, it means that i can admit when i’m wrong, you always think you’re right.
he said, fuck you.
i said, gladly.

and then we pulled into our driveway.

and then he said, i can’t believe you’re not supporting me about this.
i said, you know what, this is why it’s called MEN opause.

a fight in the car about the weather.

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6 Responses to “putting the ‘we’ in weather”

  1. PamelaJo

    Love the men-opause. Men will never admit to pain or discomfort. I was a pain therapist I know.
    Unless their sick then their hair hurts too.

  2. Hollye Dexter

    ha ha ha ha…you guys just like to bicker.
    i can’t believe you fought about the weather.
    cracking up….

  3. Carmen Parsons


    I LOVE the way you write!!!

    Man I can’t believe I’ve found this blog. Yahoo!

  4. Madge Woods

    I love your arguments. You make everything end up funny.

  5. Linda tears

    Loved the WE in WEATHER…ha!

    You fight about the weather…we fight about each other’s driving habits. Rob once screamed about a wide turn I’d made…I told him if he didn’t like it he could walk…he got out of the car a few miles from home…and walked…it’s always about something else……….

  6. Maxee

    All I have to say is…………..THANK YOU for bringing me so much to enjoy. I laugh out loud, ’cause your experiences are something we ALL can identify with. It gives us an opportunity to laugh at ourselves. So Thank YOU dear Amy, for your wonderful words and perspective on life and relationships.
    BTW, I can’t stop reading and re-reading your fabulous book, “Marrying George Clooney”. You are so fricken BRILLIANT!!!
    LOVE you to pieces!!! xoxoxxoxoxox

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