which comes first, chicken or egg?

okay, so, between the 400 million egg recall slash possible salmonella outbreak & the incorrect inflammable information – the virulent hatred & madness – over the “world trade center” mosque…

this is a short blog.
a to the point blog.

i think palin & beck & limbaugh & the tea partiers & the right wing nuts & the whole mess of them should take responsibility for the fact that they are igniting a massive fire in this country filled with fear & hate & anger & intolerance & it is fucking unacceptable.

it is unacceptable.

a man was driving his cab, something has he done for over 20 years, he picked up a passenger who was hailing a cab, the passenger got into the cab, and after a few blocks asked the cabdriver if he was a muslim, the cabdriver said yes, and then he was brutally horrifically attacked. a hate crime. a violent horrific hate crime.

it’s not the eggs people, it’s all the fucking chickens who are walking around without their fucking heads.

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  1. Madge Woods

    Correct. I am sad as well and angry that all the news stations liberal or conservative feature these people. If they got no press they wouldn’t have a following and they could fade back into their world they came from. I was just watching MSNBC and they had some pastor who is having burn the Koran day. Why is he getting any attention. Shame on MSNBC.

  2. Carol

    I just threw up a little

  3. Samantha Dunn

    Exactly. They are yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.

  4. Char

    Oh, God, Amy. I am so sickened and saddened by this whole situation, and you are so right. I had a conversation with my nephew recently and the things he said to me were unbelievable, like I was a terrorist (nigger) lover who wanted everyone to live under Sharia Law, a plane should crash into my building and kill all of my family and loved ones, my thinking is what caused all the Jews to be killed in Nazi Germany, and on and on just because I said I hadn’t made a decision yet about whether all the accusations are true or not about the Iman that wants to build the Cordoba Building and that I had to have more information before I would make a decision. I thought I was talking to Rush Limbaugh, a completely unhinged person. He thought he was talking to the enemy. We are now estranged. So, so, sad and scary and the media is fueling this fire of fear and venomous hatred. Burning the Koran will feed right into the terrorist’s rationale for attacking America. It will create such rage and heartbreak for those of the Muslim faith. The right wingers are so irrational that they can’t even see that if the shoe was on the other foot, if someone burned the Bible, they would be outraged as well, and would be crying foul louder than anyone demanding their rights. I keep where the principles of truth and justice, the principles our country were founded upon went. Where I am living? In a democracy? a theocracy? a totalitarian or facist environment? All or any of the above at any given point in time, and depending upon who and what the media chooses to force feed us. 1984 anyone?

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  6. Molly

    Amy… thank you…we NEED you. I think of that Burt Bacharach song… What The World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love…. Period!!!!

  7. Kienda

    amy ferris = ROCKSTAR! <3

  8. Howard Stein

    Oh, please.
    This is one tired argument. The same rabid right wingers are to blame for it all on and on and on.
    People are pissed off, and the sources of their anger are up for reelection
    soon. The commentators mentioned, are not.

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