i have a dream too

i have a dream that one day my pale skinned blonde blue eyed 2 year old granddaughter will have a play date with a dark skinned brown eyed little boy, and then they will have a play date with a musical theater loving young gay boy and a folk singing young lesbian and then they will all be playing with a palestinian boy who will be playing with an israeli little girl who will be playing with an asian set of twins who will be playing with a disabled boy who will be playing with a special needs little girl who will be playing with a mexican boy who will be playing with a buddhist and a muslim and an islamic and a mormon and an atheist and a greek orthodox …
… white and black and brown and tall and skinny and overweight and short and gay and straight and right and left and the words that they speak will be filled with tolerance and kindness and love and care and disagreements and opinions and they will embrace their differences and they will all use condoms.

i also have a dream that my husband will drive just a teeny bit slower on route 80. it’s always astonishing to me that after a car trip i feel as if i’ve had micro-abrasion & botox.

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  1. Madge Woods

    I wish this too. Except I don’t have a husband who drives too fast but I do.

  2. Hollye Dexter

    I love how profound it is, and then how you make me laugh at the end….as usual!

    I kind of have a dream right in my house…. My blonde blue eyed son Taylor with his two gay uncles and his gay jewish/ catholic godmommies and his japanese wife and kid. There’s always room for more, though…
    : )

  3. kristine

    Did you know that in the country of New Zealand, people with red hair are descriminated against. They are asked to leave restaurant, get pushed and shoved on the streets and are the brunt of racist jokes. They call a person with red hair a GINGA…or ginger head.
    In the blink of an eye, or the passing of a congressional bill anyone could be descriminated against.

    I share your dream.

  4. Jane

    I can’t say for sure, but I would be willing to bet your first dream comes true before your second dream.

  5. Linda tears

    Love your dreams…love your world…love you!!!

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