what started out as a wonderful, sexy, romantic night turned into a mild version of halloween, including a teeny bit of howling.
most of you already know i go to physical therapy for a neck, shoulder ache pain issue.
my PT (physical therapist) said to me yesterday, “later today after you ice, put some tiger balm on your shoulder, that’ll help.”
i said, “what about bengay?”
she said, “wow, bengay. yeah, sure. that works.”

yes, yes yes … it works wonders when it’s applied to a shoulder, or the neck, or the lower back or upper back. it works. it penetrates. it soothes. it takes away some of the aches & pains so you can roll around and have a romantic sexy kinda night.

it does not however work at all when accidently* rubbed onto a penis.

and never ever ever put an ice pack on a penis after you accidently* apply bengay.

trust me.

suffice it to say it was a 2 ambien night.

(*yes, accidently. you must ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wash your hands after applying. )

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  1. Beverlee Peters

    Oh Amy!!!!!!!!!!!! You just made my morning!! Laughing so hard OUT LOUD! OMFG, you really, really are brilliantly funny!!! The best: wow. bengay. yeah, sure. I too suffer from neck/shoulder pain (my chiro says it’s from the computer)… who knows, but i’m gonna try the Bengay & be very, very careful. This is gonna stay in my head all day, TOO FUNNY. Thank you!!!

  2. Madge Woods

    Poor Ken. This is hilarious.

  3. Barbara@The Middle Ages

    Argh!!! Same kinda results if you chop red chili peppers and don’t wash your hands really really well. It’s a jungle out there.

  4. Hollye Dexter

    Oh Amy!!! So sorry! But oh man, do we all benefit from Ken’s follies. So funny!
    A girlfriend told me of another pitfall…do not give a bl*wjob right after gargling with Listerine. Apparently, not pleasant.

    Is it bad that I said that? You can delete it.

    Love you- and Ken too.

  5. barbi


  6. barbi

    Sorry that cut off, yes KENGAY! thats exactly what I thought when Alastair told me, he of course having experience with Ken in the hot tub watching the Superbowl! Another Kengay moment…

  7. Victoria


  8. Sharon

    Mornin’ Amy! It’s kinda funny how my brain cells synapsed, without any provocation from me mind you, and where my thoughts landed when I read your title “KenGay.” I thought, wow, this lady once again bravely bares all for the sake of further understanding of the brilliant complexities of human nature. Clearly, her love, Ken, has just confessed that he too has entered his midlife crisis, and it isn’t a shiny red convertible coupe he is after. He is jumping out of the closet, and Amy, while grappling with what this newfound information might bring to their future, once again chooses to share even this incredibly intimate moment, all in her quintessential hysterically fun delivery.

    Imagine my chagrin when, after reading your wonderful except, I find that the intimate experience you are actually sharing has to do with Ken’s penis being afflicted (by you no less!) with a greaseless and deep penetrating pain relief cream made to relieve, among other things, minor arthritis, caused by the “wear and tear” of a particular body part. After another lightening fast round of synapsing, I smile because this is not bad news at all. With a little rest, Ken’s heat-seeking love missle should be good to go.

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