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full disclosure: i’m not a big contest person (see below). i hardly ever join. maybe it’s my insecurity, maybe my fear of failure, or fear of success – depending on the day. but i’m awfully proud i hit the 50 mark a few years back and decided that since i write about all & everything from a midlife point of view, i would try this.

so here goes, what i love about being 50.

i love when i look in the mirror, i get to see a woman who has lived life fully.
i love that every single mistake i made in my life got me here, to this moment, to this day.
i love that i take very little for granted and appreciate the tiny little moments more.
i love that i’m paying more attention to my body and spirit.
i love that my husband and i are growing together.
i love that it was coined the fuck you 50’s, because for so long we couldn’t for the life of us say no.
i love that mick jagger is older than me.
i love that there is no such thing as growing down.
i love that with 50 comes wisdom & experience & knowledge & a deep desire for peace of mind rather than piece of ass.
i love that i outgrew all my clothing with huge shoulder pads.
i love that my girlfriends and i have conversations that range from profound to silly.
i love that sex feels much more intimate and romantic, and when i look into my husband’s eyes i can see his heart and soul.
i love that with 50 comes a generosity, a kindness, a desire to forgive, a need to listen more carefully, a need to loan a shoulder, offer a hand, open your heart, a need to inspire, encourage, and help someone cross the street.

with 50 comes a soft power.

(I’m trying to blog my way to the AARP Orlando@50 conference. This blog post is an entry in their competition to find the official blogger to travel to and cover the event. Find out more about the conference here.)

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  1. Madge Woods

    Great blog. And I can say being 61 that my 60’s have been the best so far. Really can do anything I want now. And not care who cares or not.

  2. Hollye Dexter


    According to me – YOU WIN!

  3. Jane

    If this doesn’t get you in the conference I am burning my AARP card!

  4. kristine

    A. Amy
    A. absolutely
    R. rules

    It’s a sure thing

  5. Linda tears

    Love that you’re so stoked about your 50s…can’t wait to welcome you to the 60s…whoops…if I’m lucky…I’ll have left and joined the 70s…I’ll welcome you anyway…with a sweet embrace & kiss…my sister Amy…x

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