it’s not just a hole…

“I was a soldier for two years. The only thing I learned in that time was, the only place you can be safe in is a private hole, preferably with a iron lid you can pull down on top of you. I aim to own me a hole. Only I ain’t a soldier now and so I can pick where I want it, and even make it comfortable.”
— William Faulkner

i’m not even sure how to write this without it sounding completely ridiculous and somewhat vulgar, but i’m gonna try. we’re doing an addition to our house, and right now, for the past month, the space is pretty much one big huge hole. ken’s been talking about this addition for so long. it is his dream. mr. ferris builds his dream house. and yes, of course, we’ve had so many unbelievable knock down, drag out fights i can’t even begin to count – everything from “i can’t talk about this, can’t you see i’m menopausal,” to “what do you mean lego’s?”
and now that we’re in the midst, everyone, and i mean everyone, asks ken:
“hey, man, how’s your hole?”

i’m not joking.

and of course, they’re asking me the same question. there isn’t a day that goes by that someone – a friend, a stranger, the deli counter guy – asks me, how’s ken’s hole?

and this is how i’ve answered over the last month:

“It’s getting bigger.”
“good. his hole is good.”
“his hole is buckling a little. I’m worried about the hole.”
“thanks for asking, his hole is good.”
“we’re gonna fill his hole soon.”
“no, no, i’m not jealous.”
“now it’s just one big gigantic white hole.”
“no … no, i love obama.”
“no, we’re gonna keep his hole open until spring.”
“i know, isn’t it a great hole. I’m loving the hole more & more every day, i mean ken is so proud of this hole.”
“no, you can’t play in ken’s hole, now go home and ask your mommy to take you bowling.”

my life.

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  1. Madge Woods

    Too funny. Is this the hole for the foundation? Is he doing this on his own? Why is it taking so long to start the construction?

  2. Kathleen

    I am laughing so hard about the hole because when Ken was here this Summer checking out our addition for the BnB he mentioned how big was the hole and I remember both Bums and I looking at him because we did not have a hole well maybe a small hole for the two steps but I have to come over and check out your hole for I am feeling cheated by our contractors!! Yet adorable precious Ken’s eyes twinkled at the thought of construction and did mention something about Spring.
    I bet he goes out there everyday and peeks into his hole:) love ya

  3. Barbara@The Middle Ages

    If he gives this much attention and consideration to all holes, you’re a lucky woman.

  4. Linda tears

    I soooooooooooo love Ken’s hole..imagine if everybody had their own hole…! And I love Barb Radecki’s comment…xoxox

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