peace, please…

today, please:

kiss a stranger on the lips.
say i’m sorry, and mean it.
love better.
hug longer.
write a letter to someone you lost, or miss.
loan a shoulder.
offer a hand.
bring a box of clothing or shoes to an organization that is in need.
toast an old friend.
make a new one.
don’t ask for change, leave a tip.
smile at a stranger.
walk in someone else’s shoes, or sneakers, or boots or birkenstocks.
honor and treasure all people, especially those who drive you crazy & nuts.
say a prayer (in whatever language, in what ever religion) for all humanity.
don’t fight dirty.
don’t be nasty.
don’t blame & point fingers.
be tolerant, kind, generous, available.
listen & hear. with your heart & soul.
make a pledge (silent or out-loud) for peace. peace of mind, peace on earth. plain peace, big peace.
if someone seems they’ve lost their way, help them cross the street.

please, be kind today.

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5 Responses to “peace, please…”

  1. Madge Woods

    Amen to this sister/friend.

  2. Barbara@The Middle Ages

    Check, check, check. Trying all … except kissing stranger on the lips. Can’t seem to bring myself to do it (other than in my overactive imagination).

    Did you? I want dirt!

  3. Jane

    LOL! Kiss a stranger on the lips?! Will you post my bail?

  4. Carol

    I really want to print this and put in ont the fridge here at work. Mean people suck. I work with some real bitches but I refuse to feed into it. Yes, Peace all around please.

    Thanks Amy


  5. Larry Mesrobian

    Wow! what an thought ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Remarkable …

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