blowing a gasket

first it was the head gasket in the car. BLOWN. TOWED. GONE. BABY. GONE.
then, the next morning, BOOM. a tree falls on a live wire at our neighbors house, and we had a complete horrific power surge – 240 watts going into our house – all TV’s, electronics, furnace, phones, cable, dishwasher, appliances. BOOM. FRIED. GONE, BABY, GONE.

then we waited all day & night for the cable guy – all day and all night – ken & i waited together, like two pea’s in a fucking pod hotel.

and then finally, FINALLY at 7:40 PM, the cable man arrived. i cried. i felt as if he was a long lost friend or relative bringing a cable box & modem instead of chocolates as a house warming gift. i wanted to hug him, but ken thought that was too much and feared it might end with inviting him for dinner & wine. after a minute or so, examining the cable/TV damage, he said non-challantly:

“hey, man, you know when i walked in, it looked like your roof’s been smokin.'”


(turned out to be NOTHING. we had a fire in the fireplace, and it was just, you know, letting off some smoke & steam.)

but it was then, at that moment, i blew a gasket. and the only white wine we had in our refrigerator – in the back, hidden next to pitted calamata olives – was with a label that read: MOMMY’S TIME OUT.

i found a nice little corner, tucked myself away, and had a glass of wine. every inch of me fried to the core,

and for amusement, here’s todays horoscope:
It’s reassuring to have a healthy level of togetherness in a relationship with a lover or best friend. But be careful of being attached at the hip and spending every spare minute together; it’s only a matter of time before those traits you once thought were irresistible turn irritating.

for the record: he’s still irresistible.

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  1. Madge Woods

    Glad you weathered the storm. Was all your stuff on surge protectors? Just curious because they claim they work for just this type of event. Glad yu are still all good with each other and safe.

  2. kristine

    once again …delightful read. it hurts to laugh but worth it. hope the two of you are out to a nice evening…gawd knows you earned it

  3. Molly

    OMG – commenting on the last three blogs. I am chanting and praying for you and Ken repeatedly for you to be blessed, for peace and quiet and nothing smoking but your fireplace and maybe a little pot, for romantic evenings with only good pharmaceutical side effects, for safe travels on the road, for no crazy traffic, for sleep and rest and laughter. Your blogs are the best and you have such a gift… thank you for showering us all with your gifts… Love you to the moon….

  4. Lisa Alexander

    On the last several blogs….
    It must be going around…
    for the last 6 weeks all of our cars have been in the shop, sometimes twice, I too got caught in a hail storm w/ my old convertible that has no magic button to push to get the roof up….it’s all muscle and tools …
    it was a wet and painfully experience !!!

    $6,000 later we have all the cars back…and there are still problems…
    we did have electricity and no trees fall this year…thank God…still cleaning up trees from last summer’s storm that took out several trees and our power for a week….I think it;s just living out here in the country…Green Acres theme song keeps ringing in my ears ! LOL

    Thanks for you wonderful blogs !


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