it could’ve been hollye. hollye is pretty frickin’ remarkable. oh my god. she is so extraordinary. she talked about hate and tolerance and loving each other better. she talks a lot about kindness.

yeah, maybe it was hollye.

it could’ve been melody. melody is unbelievable. truly. deeply. she talked about tolerance and kindness and treating others with respect and love.

yeah, maybe it was melody.

it could’ve been troy. troy is remarkable. he talked about loving each other unconditionally.

yeah, maybe it was troy.

it could’ve been kristine. she always talks about kindness and humanity and treating each other with respect and dignity.

yeah, maybe it was kristine.

it could’ve been linda. yeah yeah yeah, maybe. she has a huge heart. huge. like massive. massive.

yeah, maybe it was linda L..

it could’ve been richard, well, richard is always, always talking about love, and dignity and humanity.

yeah, maybe it was richard.


it could’ve been:

monica or julie or gregory or gigi(s) or barbara or (ellyn or susan(s)) or david or MAXEE, or spring or ROBYN, OR hope or amy f. or dennis or esther or joan or joanne or wendy or alan or frances or gary or tom or stephen or (krista or andie or brooke) or jill or denise or kathy or tina or karla or vicki or kami or fran or tom or karen or amy w. or paul or kathy or denise or debbie or john or peter or rebecca or carol or vicky or…

it coulda been.


those are just a handful of amazing, supportive, gorgeous, exquisite KIND & LOVING men & women i have encountered online, on facebook & linkedin. i just can’t for the life of me imagine what it would be like if one of them wrote hateful, hurtful, painful comments or posted anything that would cause me great shame.

i just can’t imagine.

the pain & humiliation & heartbreak that would cause me, and the shame & disgust that would cause them – that they would have to live with for the rest of their lives.

i just can’t imagine.

i’m hoping, neither can you.

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  1. Madge Woods

    I can’t and won’t imagine it. Not even in my soul. I love life and I love people.

  2. kristine

    heart ache over senseless, unkind and destructive behavior. who would ever
    want another to feel so much shame, that jumping off a bridge would be the only relief? the madness has to stop.

  3. Barbara@The Middle Ages

    Wow. My heart just stopped reading this. Did a rogue comment happen to you or someone you care about??? I can’t imagine it! And I dearly hope not.

    But you hear of such things — especially the bigger and wider the circle, the more inevitable that some darker soul might creep in. Let’s not allow their darkness to change any of the steps forward we’ve all taken.

    Oh, and ironically, Amy, I just (I swear, JUST!) added some books to our “bookmarked” list and yours was one of them 🙂

  4. Krista

    I love you. You are such sunshine in my life. Thank you for being you.


  5. Hollye Dexter

    Just look at all the light and love in the people who surround you.

    I, too, had those young days when i contemplated jumping off a bridge, but was so blessed to have at least one good and loving soul who reached out to pull me back. Your voice reaches out in such a way, a provides encouragement, and maybe even a giggle, to those who are feeling hopeless.

    Keep shining…keep writing…and I will too, and hopefully everyone who reads this blog will speak up, and be kind, and there will be less and less hopeless people standing on ledges. Imagine…

  6. melody george

    You know..when I was a young girl..I was bullied. A group of older girls sat behind me on the bus…ate crackers and spit it in my hair. I didnt move. I was scared. My best friend who sat beside me….didnt move. She was scared too. They were …if you can believe this…High school girls..and we were in 5th grade. We were afraid that might do worse to us..hit us..or take scissors out and cut the back of our hair off…we were little…we didnt know what OLDER kids like that might do.
    I left the tears ..the whole time I was mortified..and ashamed..ashamed that someone had spit in my hair…and I felt helpless because I knew that there was nothing my parents or anyone could do. (at least thats how I felt). After that..I ran everyday for the back seat of the bus..and watched from a distance as these same girls tormented other little kids one by one…spitting..and laughing. The bus driver was a cranky woman who turned a blind eye on everything but driving and seemed to hate us all in general.
    Bullying is not new. is not a right of is not just “something that happens”…it IS and has ALWAYS been…WRONG!
    I am sickened by people who find joy in being cruel. Bullying does not stop at school level. I have seen adults bully adults every single day..whether its leaning out a car window and screaming because some poor sap “took the parking space” that the other person had their eye on…or some man or woman pushing an elderly person out of their way because the older man or woman wasnt moving fast enough for them…grumbling under their breath the whole time.
    Bullying is a state of mind truly. I do not believe in it. I do not condone it. And I know longer sit by and watch it happen.
    My kids were taught a long time ago to feel…to think…to have empathy….and to believe in Karma.” It all comes around again”..Ive told them that a million times…”It all comes around… do you want ‘good” to come around..or ‘bad”? If you want GOOD…then do GOOD….if you want BAD… know the rest…….

  7. Carol

    Oh Amy,

    You are so sweet and loving. The world hurts and we all feel it. Yes, Melody, I believe the adult bullies to be the worse!
    I work with a few bullies (Biotches) and they must have dark, swirling, miserable souls.
    It must be hard to feel so weak and helpless to the point of suicide. There is true evil out there. I’m just so glad to have this circle of people to help me try harder and love harder and to get get such amazing advice all the time.
    It is very uplifting, so, thank you ALL!!!

  8. Maxee

    Soooooooooooooooooo beautiful, Amy. Just so frickin beautiful. And yes, you have mentioned some pretty incredible KIND & LOVING men & women that you have encountered online, on facebook & linkedin, who use their words to describe their feelings. They are all so extraordinary and certainly are deserving a notice. I don’t use words. I hope that my images can bring some beauty and spread some love and happiness to those that are sad & lost. Love you all. ~Maxee

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