i’m pro-choice. i’m all for people making choices in their lives.

and, you know, they don’t have to make the same choices as me.

they can have their OPINION.

i love that i have choices. i get to choose friends, and partners, and clothes, and food, and furniture, and politicians, and hair salons and doctors and restaurants and medication and pets and cars and all sorts of things, i get to choose where i live and what i say and who i love. my choice. and i just love that. and sometimes i make choices and wow oh fucking wow are they the wrong choices, so i get to make new choices, and hopefully i get to learn from my mistakes, and if not, well, then i get to make more choices.

and it seems to me that those who are so clearly pro-life get to choose too. boy oh boy do they choose. they get to choose who they love and what they wear and who they don’t like and what they say and who they vote for and where they eat and where they picket and what they burn and what kind of cars and houses they buy and what news and radio they listen to and the company they keep. and you bet a lot of their choices i don’t agree with. not my choices.

so, it looks like everyone is choosing. holy shit … everyone  it seems is pro-choice.

and to clarify, i’m pretty pro-life also, i love (okay, maybe not every single day….) waking up in the morning, i love that i get to kiss my husband and friends (yes, on the lips, thank you very much!), that i get to watch the sun rise and set, that i get to write and speak and share my thoughts, visit my friends, go to the movies, and theater and laugh and cry and help someone else get through a day. i’m pretty found of life. i think life is extraordinary, even in the worst of times. i’m all for life.

yep, yep, that sounds pretty pro-life to me.

someone said to me yesterday that she was pro-life and … tada.. “didn’t think i was,” which by the way, i can understand, so, i kinda looked at her and asked, well, why, what makes you think that? and she said, well, because you’re clearly pro-choice, and i said to her, well yes, I am pro-choice, and she asked, well how can you be “pro-life and pro-choice” and i said:

well, you know, i’m also all for pro-bowling, and pro-tennis, and pro-golf, and all for pro-bono work (which is very different than sonny bono work), and pro-skating and pro-duce, and pro-phylactics, and pro-mo and pro-ton, and pro-baseball…

and she kinda looked at me and said, yeah, well, what about an abortion, you think that that’s okay? is that what you’re saying?

and i looked right at her and said, “you my dear are trying to kill my opinions, wouldn’t you call that an abortion?

i left it at that.

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  1. Madge Woods

    The best. Love your musings. They match mine in thought and deed.

  2. Barbara@TheMiddleAges


  3. kristine



    Brilliant! I am pro this blog! I choose to hate the fact that pro life makes pro choice by definition not life. I too choose to choose.

  5. Maxee

    BRAVO!!! or is it BRAVA? Either way, I’m clapping and giving you a ‘Standing Ovation’!!! my dear friend. BRAVO! BRAVO!
    You speak the TRUTH!!! And I for one, and I’m sure many many others, LOVE it !!! & L O V E UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!

  6. Hollye Dexter

    Man! That’s one of those lines I would have laid awake at night obsessing over for hours, wishing I’d said it. BUT YOU SAID IT!
    That’s why you’re cool.

  7. Molly

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… You have put words around what I have felt, thought, believed forever… but didn’t quite know how to say… and now I do! Bravo, love, thanks….

  8. Monica Holloway

    Holy Shit, Amy! You have nailed it on the head. NAILED IT, MY FRIEND. I love this so much. YOU ARE SO SO SMART!!!!! XXOOO

  9. Gadugah Juliana

    wow wow wow, this is the fact u are so dynamic

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