stand. up. vote.

oh, god, it felt so very good.

really truly deeply.

you know what i mean?

i stood there.

i felt empowered, important, vital, necessary, strong & passionate. it’s about the future. girls and boys. women. men. education. health. jobs. the economy. security in every way shape or form.

having choices. living choices. breathing choices.

it’s about two years from now and ten years from now and twenty years from now. and tomorrow and the day after.

it’s about making a difference.

it felt that way.

i felt…

i have a voice and it should be heard.

and it could be heard.

and yes, it would be heard.

your voice. my voice.

our voices.

and i have choices. and yes, i made a choice.

i did.

my god, we all make choices. don’t let anyone ever tell you that you don’t have choices.

you have them. you make them, and you get to make changes if you care to, need to. want to. oh, yes you do. and yes you can.

i voted today.

and yes, it will count & matter.

(and please don’t let anyone ever tell you that being pro-choice means anything other than living a full extraordinary vibrant joyous glorious life.)

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3 Responses to “stand. up. vote.”

  1. Madge Woods

    I hope there are choices and I hope they are really sincere. Yah right. So sad but I voted weeks ago in the mail.

  2. kristine

    our mission: to speak up, to stop being afraid, to believe that we can and are, to believe that we are more than enough and should be recognized as such….VOTE…VOICE…

  3. Linda tears

    Poetry – you turned the choice to vote into poetry. Thank you!

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