lotus has ear mites.

it’s pretty gross.


i know, i know… i know. but this blog is not about me. or ken.

bella doesn’t have ear mites.

this is the story of true love. pure. simple. gorgeous.

okay, so we adopted lotus & bella. together. we originally named bella “obama” because well, she’s … black with some white, and we originally named lotus “hillary” because well, she’s short legged & thick hipped. (you know what i mean, i know you do.)

hillary & obama.

but then of course we thought, hmmmm. not so fast. obama is really a girl, and it’s just not fair. not fair at all.

so… name change. bella after bella abzug. and lotus after lotus flower, lotus sutra.

good. done. we felt good. clean. clear. better.

and now 1.5 years later, they are in love. they are.

they are so profoundly in love. they fight. they sleep. they have sex. they fight some more. they disagree. they fight. they love. they cuddle. they purr. they hiss. they have sex.

they are in love.

lotus is the more “dominant” feline/cat. she is more assured & independent  &  oh, so cute. you know. cute.

bella is more …. nuts. crazy. cranky. weird. funny. and so very, very VERY hot & sexy.

lotus is ken. bella is me.

there. i said it.

and now lotus has ear mites, which can be weird and icky.  so icky. and i can’t fucking believe i’m writing about this, but… but… what happened, lotus started to exude SELF LOATHING & SHAME. she hid. she crawled in a ball. she squirmed. she dug a bed (for herself) deep in the closet. she was mortiied that i – we – had to put drops in her ears, and bella didn’t need those drops. bella was fine & healthy. and so lotus started to distance herself from bella. keeping her at arms length.

they were no longer equal. and i could see – i could  – that bella felt awful. hurt. mortified. her lover/best friend was filled with shame & doubt.

until today.

today, a friend said: hey, amy, you should put some drops in bella’s ears, just in case, and that will make lotus feel better.

huh. never thought of that. lotus will feel better. huh.

so i did. i put drops in bella’s ears.

in front of lotus.

and while bella hissed and got all pissy and cranky, lotus got back her sexy. her strength. her fearlessness. her cat-itude.

and for the first time in two weeks, they slept together. they kissed. they cuddled. side by side.



here’s to ALL us women. may we always find the sexy.

and the good.

here’s to all my girlfriends.

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3 Responses to “cat-itude”

  1. Madge Woods

    Love the gay cat lovers. So cute.

  2. Barbara@TheMiddleAges

    Tears in my eyes. Laughing, yes, but so moved by the emotional condition that was lotus and bella. That lotus needed to feel herself on equal footing.

    It’s so apropos that you should celebrate women at the end of this story — as we women often need just that simple reassurance to right ourselves when we feel insecure.

    So TRUE!


  3. Debbie

    my newmie had ear mights once and i took care of them some stuff i had to put in his ears … theyh eventuyally go away but when he shaked his head all these little cfeates woudl fly out of his ears.

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