gr ‘atitude’

i have my car. i do. so, YAY! thank you so much to everyone & anyone who wrote emails & comments about my car. (and there were many. so many!) it’s home. it’s safe. it’s SEXY.

it’s mine.


maybe. hopefully.

here’s where the blog gets really wonderful.

i decided that i needed to call HOLLYE DEXTER on the maiden voyage to test drive my car. and of course, hollye was filled with amazing gratitude today. she was/is, and she wrote the best blog ever about the DEXTER CLAN today.

i can’t & won’t compete with her.

she is a pure utter goddess. PURE, with a capitol P, and i knew when i hung up from talking with her that i would experience a miracle.  of sorts. i did.

and so here it is:

i went to the bank, needing some cash, i walked up to the ATM machine, and there on the floor – right there – was a lone receipt. i thought: trash, garbage … i picked it up and was about to toss it in the trash, when… i thought… hmmm… look, peek. yes yes yes yes … be a NOSY BODY. a NOSY BODY.

someone had taken out 120 bucks, and their balance in BOTH savings & checking was: $1.31. one dollar and thirty one cents.

and i started to cry. i did. right there. in the lobby of my bank. i called ken, and i said: “i’m at the bank,” and he immediately thought, uh oh, holy shit, we’ve been robbed because i was crying, and when i said, “no no no… not us,” and then told him about how sad i felt for this person, so sad, and oh so grateful, so grateful … and of course, my being a nosy body, he begged me to come home, “for god sake baby honey sweetie babe come home, maybe it’s … uh oh … menopause.” and then i snorted and said, “no… uh uh, not menopause,” and i told him how grateful i was that he loved me, and took such care of me/us and he told me to come home. come home NOW because i was probably being videotaped at the bank, and so… i hung up, got some cash – much less than i wanted – i took what i needed.

and thought:

“oh my god, i am so fortunate. grateful. appreciative. filled with amazing abundance – materially, spiritually, emotionally (although ken would say WAY WAY WAY TOO MUCH emotionally) – every which way.”

i am so very grateful.

i am thankful.

i am.

and i thought: i hope with every fiber in my being that whoever it was that took out their last few dollars did so for their family, and/or friends … and while they’re sitting around their table, eating turkey (or some variation) and stuffing and all the side dishes that they are laughing, enjoying each other.

that they say/toast:


here’s to us.

and then i came home & read hollye’s blog.

and was much more grateful.

much more.


each & every one.

i thank you all for making this year glorious.

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6 Responses to “gr ‘atitude’”

  1. Madge Woods

    So sad. I too hope they used it for something good. This would have had me going through the bank and walking around looking for the person who needed a hand and would have given them the $120 so they could put their money back in the bank.

  2. Amy Ferris

    we’re cut from the same cloth, madge.

  3. Barbara@TheMiddleAges

    Oh so heartbreaking! Thanks for another amy-power-boost of gratitude and love. Hollye too and Madge and all of you.

  4. Jane

    Maybe It’s not sad. I have an old savings account – passbook, no less. I still squirrel away little bits of money when it occurs to me. It’s not my REAL bank account. My husband doesn’t even know about it. And then, once in a while, I go pull out ‘whatever’, to go get a guilt free mani-pedi, or buy myself something…leaving just enough in it to keep the account open.
    So maybe that’s what this was. Maybe. Maybe not, but maybe.

  5. Hollye Dexter

    That was MY bank receipt! And I DID have a wonderful Thanksgiving, so thank you for thinking of us!

    What a lovely, gorgeous post that I just now discovered. Isn’t gratitude a magical thing, how it can just turn your heart on a dime?

    I love you like crizazy.

  6. kristine

    sweet, tender hearted Amy…it would be amazing to spend days with you, watch you navigate thru the world, watch you be loved and cared for and supported and partnered by your treasured Ken…it would be amazing to watch you watch others and see them for who they are and what they need and how they are coping in their complicated and unique lives. Can’t be driving around with you in your new sexy, reliable auto, but your blogs are the next best things. your heart comes thru loud and clear, kind of like the video camera at the bank…a recording for all to see and all to be inspired. I am grateful for you.

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