the CAPS (21) meow


so, recently i read about the untimely death of collaboration.

no, oh no, not that.

as in R.I.P. death.

i am here to say, PRE-MATURE OBIT.

i have had the amazing fortune, good luck… blessing…  to have collaborated with some extraordinary folks.

the art of collaboration.

truly. deeply.


anthony minghella. yes.

amazing. a joyous collaboration.

julie dash. holy shit. wow. a frickin’ great collaboration.

tom fontana.

marianne moloney.

ned tanen.

ken gross.

margaret raymo.

randy levinson.

kristi zea.

david lacy.

and just this past week … hollye holmes dexter. HELLO!


by goddess …

KRISTA LYONS . i mean, really? could a girl get any luckier? i don’t think so. krista is, and will always be, the “cherry moment” for me. the time when i said to myself: “surrender, go with it, give it up, let her in… don’t be afraid.” she is by far the perfect editor, publisher, girl, friend. she got me to dig deep, go in, expose my life, not be afraid, dig deeper, go further… walk the walk. give it up.

she is for me, hands down, the goddess supreme.

and …

i have had the wow oh wow experience of working with (along with my co-authors krista lyons & ken ferris  – yes, myKen, iKen, KenBook…) …

frank & eliza ventura @ CAP 21 Theater Company on the play adaptation of MARRYING GEORGE CLOONEY.

holy. mother. of. god.

what a JUICY, DELICIOUS extraordinary collaboration.

frank is a genius (yes the G word) at giving a piece depth, meaning, direction … taking something from A to B to L,  to M… to P. to Q. back to A, to Z, back to B …and yes, right back to A. stunning. making it work, making it feel good & right & BIG & luscious, and me being able to say, “hmmm, i never thought of that. how amazing, i never ever thought of that. perfect. holy shit perfect. thank you.” what a joy. what an amazing joy. a gorgeous experience.

and eliza… well.



she is, for me, the cats meow. she is elegant. and gorgeous. and funny, and filled with oh such wisdom. and depth. and beauty. really. truly. deeply.

CAP 21.

Seal Press.

myKen. iKen.

and so, collaboration, here in this house, right now, is not only alive & well & thriving but…

waiting for me in bed.

and the thing – THE THING – about a perfect collaboration … i get to say, without any remorse, or guilt, or shame:

“hon, babe, moo-moo, can this wait? you know, just a bit? please?”

and the answer is always, without a doubt: “yeah. i’ll be right here. waiting.”

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3 Responses to “the CAPS (21) meow”

  1. Madge Woods

    Fabulous news Amy. Love collaboration.

  2. Krista

    You make me blush, and then laugh, and then smile with pride and love. I’m bursting with joy at our project. Can’t wait to watch it take its next step. Together.

  3. Jas

    How did it feel to watch your work produced in a different medium?

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