i’m sure you all remember when christine o’donnell said she was us, as in “i am you.”

well, she was not me.
not even close.
and she wasn’t anyone i knew or know, or wanna know.
she was and is on her own.
but as i think about obama this wednesay morning, i’m thinking… hmmm. you know, he is me.

he is.

when i first saw him campaigning, he was so full of joy & spirit & great hope (me: i am so enthusiastic!). so filled with the determination that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, so filled with YES I CAN (again, me, ms. enthusiastic!).  and i remember lying in bed, reading the paper, thinking… wow, this guy, this man, is tapping into all that possibility that each of us, right now, wishes we could manifest (me: you can do it, you can do it. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!). he was & is the best of us. he was & is the POSSIBILITY WE ALL WISHED WE COULD MUSTER (jealousy & envy anyone????).
and so, he became well… the guy.

our guy.

and now a few years later our guy … well, he’s having a hard time (how do you spell: REJECTION LETTERS?)… wavering. compromising, trying to remain calm & cool under the worst of circumstances (sibling, parental, career, toxic friendship “HELL” … come on, stand up, raise your hand). being a bit more reserved, less confident. wavering more. giving an inch when he should be taking a yard, or two or three or four. being way too nice, a people pleaser. can’t seem to say no (you need shoes, please, take my feet…). doesn’t want hurt anyone’s feelings (that’s okay, please, please, no no no don’t apologize, actually, you know what, i’m frickin’ sorry!). a bit too passive. conciliatory. he says maybe when he should say no, he says yes when he should say no, he hems & haws, he wants to get it right so he embraces everyone …  on the fucking RIGHT. ( i won’t touch that…)



uh-oh. uh-fucking-oh.

he’s not leading the way we hoped. (the uh oh meaning: the way we … wanted. prayed for. wished for. asked. demanded.)
he’s getting the shit kicked out of him and trying to be – remain – the good guy. (the uh oh meaning: breathe in. breathe out. again. again.)
he’s trying to make things nice. (the uh oh meaning: everyone should benefit, be happy. let’s give ‘em all a break.)
trying to make peace. (the uh oh meaning: okay, you stand over here, and you… hey you, the freak with the perpetual tan, stand over there, and on the count of three…)

we were betting on, hoping, wishing, praying for change, and we got (well, i don’t want to overstep on this one – because then you would verbally beat me, berate me, talk behind my back, jump ship, wish me ill, and then i would have to make nice. compromise, become conciliatory, bend, waver …) us.

we did.


so, yes…

he is me.


(and yes, i need to work on my leadership skills.)

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6 Responses to “I AM OBAMA”

  1. Madge Woods

    I am Obama and a little of Michelle as well. Well, not the arms.

  2. Madge Woods

    Or the long legs.

  3. Deborah Simmrin

    Abso-f’ing-lutely! When he was elected, I said … “Now, it’s up to us.” And, we are lazy … we are the “I told you what we wanted, now go to it … ” as, we sit and gaze at our navel. And, he is out there on his own, with his own set of survival skills that include getting everyone on both sides to like him .., and the more he fails, the more those survival skills rise up, take over. We get what we give … and, unfortunately for me, I was hoping that he was better than you or me ….

  4. Jane

    Hey! I posted on this a few days back…where’d it go? I wasn’t offensive and did not use profanity or anything?! Where the F*** did my post go?! :0)
    But really…where did it go? Anybody?

  5. Amy Ferris

    i don’t know where it went.
    i adore you ms. jane.
    much much much much.

  6. Jane

    Well, only because I love the man, I will risk of repeating myself. I said for the first time in my lifetime I feel like there is a really GOOD human being in the White House. And while he might not have delivered what we all hoped/thought/prayed he would, I still love him. I imagine myself 30 years from now, with a grandchild asking me about Presidents ‘from back in the old days.’ I doubt that I will be able to remember all the names, let alone something specific about any of them. But I know in my heart I will be able to say “Now President Obama, he was something special.” There. For the second time…more or less.

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