oprah, sarah and snooki

oprah, sarah, and snooki. sounds like a 60’s girl group. a fucked up 60’s girl group, but none the less.
two, count ’em two, reality stars.
okay i admit it. i don’t watch much TV. i have never ever watched the Jersey Shore, but my friend Jeffrey who I abso-fucking-lutely adore, could tell you that I don’t ever visit him down on the Jersey Shore (where he now lives). and apparently, a very big deal. huge. snooki is a major star.
Snooki? This broad is making money hand over fist & has a huge book deal. HELLO!!!!! Reality check, please. Tell me it’s not so. A book deal? She can’t talk. She can’t thread an entire sentence together. After seeing her interviewed, the only thing I can imagine is her promoting/touting lip gloss, and or pigs in the blanket. NO, NOT A ROLE MODEL, folks, thank you very much.
i’m searching for a role model.
role. model.

i want better. i deserve better. we deserve better.

Sarah Palin. Hmmm. Okay. When pressed, she said she reads C.S. Lewis for spiritual awakening. Uh huh. And the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal for stock trading tips no doubt.
She IS NOT, I REPEAT NOT, presidential material. The women couldn’t lead a chorus. and Todd … ohhhhhhhhhh, well when Barbara Walters asked him to describe in 3 words – just 3 words – “Sarah Palin,” he gave a farely limp 25/30 word assessment. Yeah, I want him in Washington, that’ll give me great comfort & ease. uh huh.
I’ll tell you what else i saw tonight: i saw a woman (ms. palin) who literally doesn’t know what the fuck she’s talking about. she doesn’t. it appears she has it all – evey bit of it – memorized. and seriously, SERIOUSLY, the way she speaks: so very calculated, & snarky… she wants folks to forgive and forget her interview with Katie Couric, but boy oh fucking boy can she throw a left jab. She is ruthless. Mean spirited.

White House? How about IHOPS? the International House of Pancakes, much better suited for a woman of her stature.

But there’s… Oprah.
Well, i gotta say, i am bowing at the altar of Oprah. Her defintion of friendship left me breathless. You bet i want women in my life who fill me, love me uncondtionally… make me feel so very joyous & special. i mean, really, who doesn’t want that kind of friendship?
and bulletin: i got ’em.
hollye. melody. amy. kristine. kedren. tina. patricia. laura. linda. krista. eliza. deb. gail.
jane. and maxee, madge. ingrid. carol. susan. monica. bonny. roberta.

sarah and snooki.
okay, now imagine they’re sitting in the oval office reverbishing/redecorating with lawn chairs and chaises. snow cone machines. gabbing away.

feeling nauseous yet?

i’ll tell you what, we can, yes we can … do better. be better. want more.

snooki & sarah.
see this is where i think we need DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL.
don’t ask me about them, and please i’m begging, for god sake, don’t tell me about them.

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5 Responses to “oprah, sarah and snooki”

  1. debbie

    i agree 100%. I don’t think Snooki, let alone ms. sarah ever read a book. did you see Sarah shoot that Caribou? ugh!!!! HOW CAN ANYONE KILL A LIVING THING! I wrap spiders in napkin and take them outside. And oprah, well, she does think she’s jesus, to quote kathy griffin, but i agree about the friendship thing. most important to have good/wonderful nuturing lady friends. That is Essential in life.

    Great post Amy!

  2. Hollye Dexter

    I love my Oprah girl. Just like I love my Amy girl. Because you know what I love? Authenticity. Courage. Generosity of spirit. That’s what you two have in common.

    The rest of ’em….most fascinating people of 2010? Wow. That is really freekin’ sad. SAD. What have they done for the good of this world? What have they done to better humanity? What constitutes fascinating? A train wreck?

  3. Madge Woods

    Barbara Walters needs to retire. I did like when Oprah was saying Steadman is the only man who could live with her with dignity and respect and still maintain his own. I agree. It would be almost impossible to be with Oprah and have a life of your own. I love what she said about friendship as well. Have only had one person in my life like that and she died after 42 years of friendship and it would be next to impossible to replace her but some of you are very close. 🙂

  4. Carol

    I am so lucky to have more than a few friends like this, they have been threw everything with me with unconditional love and support, I am truly blessed!!
    Tina Fey would be a better president!!!! Or OPRAH!!!!!!!!

  5. Carol

    (um, through)

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