this is my very own personal has my name tattooed on it:  o’henry story.

ken asked me what i wanted for my birthday, nothing, i said, i’m good. happy. content. he said no, come on, really? you must want something? i said, nah. if i wanted anything, you know, maybe, maybe a new computer, but i love my computer and it’s only 2 years old, but it’s getting a little ratty, so really what i would want is a new shiny keyboard. but that’s just so silly and an unnecessary expense. i don’t wanna buy a new keyboard. so. you know… nothing.

ken loves to get me presents. you know the “just because” presents.

just because i made him breakfast. just because i made him laugh. just because i liked it in the window. just because he can see me in it. just because…he loves me. he loves me good.

he can make an ordinary gloomy kinda day feel mighty, mighty special.

but this year i didn’t want anything. i have enough stuff. too much. too much stuff.

after a few rounds, he finally (sheesh) believed me.

i went to a board meeting, spent a few hours, came home …  and there, above our bed, was a PERFECT HUGE SEXY HEART strung out of little tiny purple christmas lights. absolutely fucking magical.  oh my god.

took my breath away.

ken said, “you said you didn’t want anything, but you didn’t say you didn’t want to be adored.”

okay. give it up.

raise your hands if you have a guy or girl or partner like that. come on. raise your hands. HOLLYE I CAN SEE YOU… i can. troy made you that gorgeous CD for your birthday. Melody… come on… i know… Bob has given you magic for years & years. Maxee…Howard? Linda… Rob? Kristine?  Kathy … Stephen. ELIZA… ELIZA…ELIZA … I know Frank has created magic for you like that for over 27 years. KRISTA…. COME ON… COME ON… brooke?

and KAREN, my god, Karen…Tommy makes you magic every single morning with coffee plus some!

Lucky, lucky, lucky.



i am in love. swooning. speechless. we kiss and hug and kiss some more. and i tell him please, please, no tongue, i gotta send e-mails so i can let all my friends know about how frickin’ magical this is.

i am about to send out an e-mail blast to all my friends to tell them that I WON THE FUCKING HUSBAND LOTTERY when i notice that my computer is about to run out of battery. curious. i go to plug in the charger, and notice that, hmmm, the MAG POWER IMPUT is burned. BURNED. TO. A. CRISP.  whoa. hmmm.

i say to ken, honey doll,  you now, it’s funny, funny odd not funny ha-ha, my computer is fucked. i wonder what happened, it was working and now it’s not, and with the most sad i’d seen in a long, long time, ken says, “well, uh, while i was stringing the lights together, i uh, i, uh… accidently knocked your computer over and it fell and i think i busted the power cable. i did.”

and then with great joy, like a lightbulb just went off, he said:

hey, now you can get a new computer.

and i said:

the heart is enough. more than enough.

and so, on sunday, last sunday, i brought the computer to the apple store, i told the apple guy who was trying to sell me a new sexy Mac Air that i really didn’t want to buy a new computer, even though the Mac Air is as sexy as Angelina, and I proceed to tell him & describe in great detail  — because everyone has to know everything about my everyday life — the stunning purple heart and the magic lights and he – the apple technician – says with great appreciation, “wow, man, just like o’henry’s the gift of the magi.”

you bet. the gift of the magi. o’ henry. o’ right.

and so, a few days later, i went back to the apple store where they had completely repaired my computer mac jack, and as a special little treat bonus, they replaced my old ratty keyboard with a brand new sexy sparkly one, all for a mere $9.09. i got way more than i hoped for.


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  1. Madge Woods

    I don’t think I have ever had what you described in my 20 year marriage or any other of the relationships I have had. I have done it for many men in my life but none have done it for me. I have picked so wrong in men but so wonderfully in women. Women have made me feel so special and loved. If I could only love women as I love a man I would open myself to a whole new world of people but it just isn’t in my DNA. So I will probably continue to pick men that love me the best they can but not how Ken Loves Amy or Troy loves Hollye just in the little time I have known you two couples. You are truly lucky and blessed.

  2. Hollye Dexter

    Oh i love this story!!! It made me smile ear to ear.

    Ken is the best!

    Yes, my husband also is sweet and thoughtful like that.
    He knows that Finches are my symbol of hope- every time things are really bad in my life, no matter where I am, the trees will fill with finches and then I know everything is going to be okay.
    At the end of one particularly tough year, I came out on Christmas morning to find a pretty little cage with a pair of finches, and a wooden sign he had made that said “HOPE”. I mean, seriously….how sweet is that?

  3. melody george

    o’Ken!! o’Joy” o’Love at its “O” finest!!

    You two are my favorite lovers…right up there with Romeo and Juliet and Tracey and Hepburn and Gracie and George…..And you guys are real and still living!!!! Its a win win!!!!
    Love you both!

  4. Barbara@The Middle Ages

    apple and ken — give way more service than one normally expects. And make you feel super-awesome in the process.

    I have my own dear dear wonderful ken who I love and cherish, who I’ve seen through thick and thin. But he’s not the type to think to string purple hearts (which I LOVE).

    But he always gets me stuff I need. Really need. Love him to pieces.

  5. kristine

    blessed are we, loved for who we really are. and blessed are those who show up with unconditional love and terribly terrific ways of showing up.

  6. Jane

    Amy, I am so envious when you right about your relationship with Ken, on all levels. It makes me want to smother my husband with a heart shaped pillow and start over! LOL! Just kidding!!! :0)

  7. Linda tears

    How did I miss this? I was on the phone w/ Ken and then YOU on this very fabulous day!

    Gratitude is dripping all over me for finding this beautiful post at this very moment – for you, Amy – your passion for expressing everything and for the combo of YOU and your Ken…lovingly

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