i heart xavier

okay. i’ve talked about this ad nauseum. MY COMMUNITY. milford, pa.

i’ve talked about goddess rebecca lindsay. i’ve raved about florin, and nancy isola. i’ve swooned & dribbled over sean strub. i have barely kept my clothes on for patty & arnold & fabio &  the upper delaware GLBT (or lgbt, i always get that confused…).

i live in a small town.

which means: small town politics, small town gossip, small town christmas decorations (you know: santa red & grass green, but very, very, very lovely).

but tonight i wanna talk about someone i have fallen madly, deeply, truly in like with:


oh. my. god.

he is sweet. kind. generous. beautiful (both inside & oh my frickin’ god, outside). he is funny. smart. and charming. he makes everyone – EVERYONE – feel as if they swallowed the sun.

i mean, really, how many people can do that? raise your hands. know someone? come on…

exactly, THANK YOU!

i met him years ago. years ago.

i met him through sean. (yes, that sean. my sean. MY. SEAN. not your sean. MY. SEAN.)

and when i first met him, i thought, okay, maybe a little reserved… you know, distant. arms length.

and maybe, just maybe, when i first met him our town was a bit more energetic. a bit more progressive, cool, groovy.  a bit  more rock n’ roll, and far less country. and so, when i met xavier, i thought he was one of the hippest guys i ever met. like SINATRA cool.

like BONO cool.


and i didn’t get to know him. because truthfully, i thought he was much much cooler than me. oh my god. MUCH COOLER.

turns out: BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. he’s not only cooler than me… he’s cooler than anyone.

and you wanna know why?


he’s all KINDNESS. inside & out.

i heart xavier.

and i have news for you, he’s turned this little town – my little town – MILFORD, PA  and the HOTEL FAUCHERE – into a BIG SEXY GORGEOUS VIBRANT AMAZING HAPPY (& here’s a HIP word) JOINT. he adds sparkle and joy and oh… good, good love. hey, you wanna feel good, catch his smile. holy mother of god.

i caught his smile tonight, and boy oh boy did my heart change.

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  1. Madge Woods

    Great story about Xavier. It is so exciting when you meet someone you love. Just today I met two brothers Ed and Jeff and we just laughed for two hours. Total strangers who I loved. Who knows if our paths will cross again but if not today was fabulous and I loved them for two hours.

  2. melody george

    I want to meet Xavier!!!! : )

  3. Jane

    You’ll have to get past me to get to him, Melody! ;0)

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