(oh my fucking god it’s christmas)

okay, here’s my wish list:

peace. of mind. on earth. of ass (ken’s very favorite christmas wish).

forgiveness. self. others. estranged family members (this you can do in the privacy of your own home, and while operating heavy machinery – release them in love) michael vick (hey, redemption –  if we all want it, we must learn to give it, and I know some of you can’t forgive Vick, i know that…)

pro-choice. (aka FREEDOM). all the pro’s: personally. professionally. sexually. creatively. spiritually & of course, pro-sports.

kindness. give. give more. offer a hand. give a shoulder. let someone lean on you. lean on them. kiss them hug them. THANK THEM (e-mails, cards, phone calls).


joy. to the world. to our neighbors. to those less fortunate. to those whose hearts are heavy. to those who feel lost, sad, unloved. a smile. offer a smile. tell them they matter.

abundance. emotionally. financially. spiritually. intellectually. creatively. sexually.

my big gigantic wish is that every person know they matter. that their life is of value. that they can make a difference. that each one of us has a purpose, a mission. that every single human being feel warmth, and love, and believe in the greatness and beauty of their own life.

and a special shout out to lindsay lohan:

hey, you: YOU WERE/ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A GREAT EXAMPLE FOR ALL THOSE YOUNG WOMEN OUT THERE – so, please, SHAPE THE SHIT UP. we need role models for our girls & boys. now.

which brings me straight back to forgiveness.

full disclosure, this is just my opinion, maybe not your opinion, which is fine, because god knows we all have CHOICES to make (hello!!!!)

my opinion: i believe that forgiveness – both giving it to others and ourselves – is the greatest gift we can give.  it allows another person to shed that layer of shame & guilt & self doubt. it offers them the opportunity to step into their own greatness. i think when we don’t forgive someone – when we hold onto that grudge, we keep them mighty small and we keep ourselves even smaller.

i’m all for huge, people.

so, here’s to a peaceful, loving, generous, forgiving, abundant and joyous MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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  1. Madge Woods

    Back at you Amy and also Ken.

    About Lindsey I feel she is no longer a role model nor should she be. I fear she will end up dead and that is too bad because back in her heyday (yes, she is already a has been) she was actually talented. She is truly one unhappy, spoiled, drug abuser and with all the advantages she can’t kick it. I feel worse for those with no advantages who do in fact find their way back. No empathy for her anymore.

  2. Gregory Anne Cox

    Amen to all you proposed and do I really have to be pro-sports???
    It’s not that I begrudge anyone who is or wish they would quit it so I can have House back on Monday nights and not have to miss my girlfriends who are all shuttling their kids to soccer practice every damned day-No, actually, yes I do wish those things.
    And I don’t begrudge sports people. I love them for their dedication and enthusiasm–I could borrow some once in awhile for the mundane moments and maybe be surprised at what I was missing. I admire the athletes who show up early and stay late and inspire me with their commitment to the game. I hear it’s good to give kids the experience of being part of a team.
    Wow that was easy, thanks Amy for helping me release resistance to something so silly to be resisting.
    Now on to Mr. Vick………I’ll get back to you in a few days.
    Ok I’m pro-sports,

  3. Jane

    Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays, Amy! Thank you for your continuing gift of humor, insight, compassion, wisdom and humor. Yes, I know… I said humor twice. It’s the LOL’s that keep bringing me back.
    Re Lindsay Lohan – she needs to shape the shit up for only one person: herself. She didn’t ask to be a role model for anyone. She had the unfortunate circumstance of being cursed with two terrible parents.
    I hope for her sake alone she finds her way out of the darkness. Robert Downey Jr and Drew Barrymore have done it. I hope she does as well.
    Ho! Ho! Ho!

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