growing bolder: a merry joyous happy day

i heard a wonderful story. not a christmas story, per say. but a good happy ever after kind of story.

guy had everything. wife. job. two cars. house. a cat.

he was married ten years.

he was, you know, happy. well, not fully. not totally. but okay. he was okay happy.

and then one day his wife left him.

and he lost his job shortly there after.

and then, he sold a car to give his ex some money.

and then he decided time to move out of the 3 bedroom/2 bath. so he moved into an apartment.

small. tiny. cramped.

and for a few weeks he was so fucking depressed. sad. feeling sorry for himself. couldn’t turn left or right.

and then it hit him. HIT HIM HARD.

no, he didn’t love his wife anymore – he hadn’t loved her in really long time. he hated the house they lived in – he didn’t even want to buy it, but she did. he didn’t like the second car.

he wasn’t happy for a long time. he wasn’t content. and for years, there were signs. little signs, big signs. he didn’t pay attention. he just figured, you know, this is okay. life is okay. not great. but okay. okay is okay.

and then…


he realized that when the shit hits the fan – that’s the opportunity, the moment – the go for it. you get to be huge. you get to be who and what you were meant to be. you get to breathe deep and exhale deeper. you get to BECOME ANYTHING & EVERYTHING you can dream of being.

it’s not about being smaller.

it’s about BEING HUGE.

I frickin’ LOVE THAT.

to be bold, audacious & HUGE.

merry christmas people.

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2 Responses to “growing bolder: a merry joyous happy day”

  1. Jane

    Merry Christmas, Amy!!!

  2. kristine

    love this…love you, you audacious woman with vision and grace, courage and determination…

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