a new year…

one/one/one one

a grand year.
it will be. i just know it.

here’s to:
more joy.
great sex.
believing in the power of our lives: individually & collectively.
righting (writing) our lives.
helping & championing others.
living our lives fully.
great men.
great women.
husbands, spouses, partners…

beauty. inside and out.

peace of mind.

art. all and every.

and here’s to saying no when we mean it. saying yes because it matters, taking better care of ourselves, CARING FOR OURSELVES & OTHERS, being kind to a stranger, and NOT SETTLING FOR MEDIOCRITY in any area of our lives.

and here’s to the women who have graced my life this year.
you are each a miracle.
may we all fly in 2011.

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  1. Madge Woods

    I am flying now just knowing you. Love you lots. I loved talking to you today for real, on the phone.

  2. kristine

    spread the light and love that is yours amy…now and in the New Year ahead. bless you and that man you sleep with.

  3. melody george


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