hot tamale

okay, it’s been a rough few days, but my sista’s in faith & life: monica, hollye & linda have gotten me through. we all seem to be walking through the fire. and boy oh fucking boy, we are not only walking through the fire of self doubt & fear & worry, but…. smoke & ash, we’re coming out on the other side full force. bravo to us, BRAVO.

i’m here in mexico. ken as you all know by now, is turning the big SEVEN OH. i’ve had a few panic attacks, and due to my complete ability to be both a hot sexy compassionate soul while screaming at the top of my lungs at yes the very same time, he felt awfully confused by my personality rig set up these past few weeks. wondering who the heck he was married to all these years. i explained it was menopause, ” the last throws.” for the record, he is so fucking sick of menopause. men-o-shit he says.
for starters, tits and ass. oh let me write this correctly: tits & ass. unbelievable. we’re in an area where cleavage has it’s own stop sign. i feel inadequate, but for the first time in my life, i am embracing my body fully. i too have tits and an ass, but not quite as toned, or sculpted, or even dare i say, re-shaped. i have the original body parts. and tonight when we were walking down some busy street and someone who looked just like snooki ran over to a guy and draped her legs around him and kissed him so hard my lips were starting to pucker…i turned to ken who seemed somewhat comatose, and said, “hon…would you like that? is that kinda girl your dream girl?” and he looked at me, and looked at her, and said the best thing ever:
“good god no, she couldn’t make me laugh and love life the way you do. nah, i’d take you any day.”
“really? even with the tight firm perfect ass, and long, long, legs and perfect breasts? really”
“don’t push it.”

so here’s to us women.
the real deal.
no pulling & tucking & stretching & pulling and turning ourselves into retroactive trout. here’s to THE REAL WOMEN OF DINGMANS FERRY, PA. we’re “BOWLING TROPHY WIVES.”
and this blog is for my great friend kathy bumball, who makes living in DF a whole lot better.
thanks ms. bumball.
for the friendship, the candy, the humor, and the laughter, and for proving that double D’s are really snow tires.

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  1. Madge Woods

    Must confess I have done a few nips and tucks and don’t feel bad about it. But having all you women in my life has lifted me more than anything I have had done.

  2. Linda tears

    Oh my loves – both you and ken – I’m confused – are you in Mexico or Dingman’s Ferry -?

    In any case I loved the blog – of course – and both Rob and I are with both of you through this…………….

    So much love and joy and happiness that one day at a time you’re glad you picked each other………………massive kisses & hugs ——-massive

  3. Kathleen

    Heck to the snow tires~ I use my DD’s as floats they have been life savers against some of the Asbury Park Swells.

    Honored to be a blog post.
    Happy to be your neighbor
    Privileged to call you friends

    You are both loved by myself and my Bums

    ❤ ☮ Celebrate~EnJOy~Embrace your time in Mexico (it is snowing here)

  4. melody george

    You guys are the cats meow…a swell bunch of swells..!!!!
    Love you soooooooo xooxoxoxx

  5. Hollye Dexter

    Ay chihuahua!
    Que bueno su cuerpo- una tamale muy caliente!
    Te quero mucho!

  6. Amy Wise

    Real women rock! Try living in so cal and have nothing nipped, tucked, sucked! LOL! That’s why I married a black man….they like big butts and real boobs. Okay that’s not why I married him but it sure does help! Ha ha! Always embrace who you are… are an inspiration to many and one of those many would be me! Love…A.

  7. kristine

    while the Trend Is Not Up according to my beloved engineer of a husband…our boobs may be sagging, but our comprehension of what truly matters is soaring…I wouldn’t trade chiseled for the soft and squishy man of my dreams for 30 years…no way.

  8. Maxee

    My dear ol’ Dad never finished H.S but was a ferocious reader, loved to learn all kinds of stuff, and oh so very wise.

    He used to go around quoting. This is one of my favorites:

    “You are better by far, the you that you are, than the you, you are trying to be”.

    Yes, here’s to REAL WOMEN!!! Amen to that sistah!

  9. BeyondBeautifulBabe

    Love the Bowling Trophy Wives comment — you are awesome! I look forward to much more of your sass-n-class! BeyondBeautifulBabe

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