can heal.
can hurt.
can sting.
can linger.
create peace.
cause war.
mend broken hearts.
lift a spirit.
create a hell.
stir up heaven.
offer kindness.
insight hate.
cloud your head.
fill your soul.
create chaos.
change your life.
change your mind.

one. many. alone. together. in a sentence. a paragraph. on the page. on a screen. in your head. on a napkin. in a book. a journal. scribbled down. etched in stone. as a note. in a letter. in an email. in the sky.

power. words are power.

the most powerful.
never underestimate the power & importance of words.

it begins with a word.

it does. when you read;
a newspaper, or a daily post about a heinous, horrible tragedy it makes you want to cry, crawl into a ball, be fearful, scared, worried. shut down, run away. and yes, oh, yes, hide.
a letter that comes from a friend or lover or child you feel safe and warm, and your heart skips. oh, yes, a beat or two.
a dear john/jane letter makes you sad, lonely, wondering what you said, did, didn’t do. didn’t say. a word.
a monthly phone/electric/mortgage/credit card bill that arrives in the mail maybe, oh just maybe you fill up with all the fear, worry, and helplessness that arrives with it.
a funny book or short story can make you laugh, smile, and fill you with joy.
a great blog will make you wish you knew the person.
a thank you note often fills you with gratitude & appreciation for having thought of someone, given to someone, made someone’s day.
an obituary of a loved one, or liked one, or an acquaintance can fill you with wishing, wishing you could have said one more word. just one more word.

WORDS JUST WORDS stay with us, live with us, haunt us, cure us, remind us, lift us, tear us down, build us up, replenish us, redeem us, give us hope, fill us with courage, make us feel small, insignificant, useless, powerful, mighty. useful. strong. that all and everything is possible.

they are often misconstrued, misspelled, misinterpreted, misleading.


they live in our hearts, in our heads, in our souls, in our lives.

they are us.

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8 Responses to “words…”

  1. Madge Woods

    You covered it all with words. Thanks Amy.

  2. Barbara@TheMiddleAges

    Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

    (is it funny that I am misspelling these words even as I try to write them…sigh)

  3. melody george

    Wods have vibrations..that can be scientifically measured…Low vibrations come from words of hate..and subsequentially attract lower vibrations to it..Hate attracts Hate. Words of joy and love have higher vibrations that..once again..attract other higher vibrations…Love attracts Love.
    We have all known someone in our lives who seemed to vibrate joy, happiness..and who we noticed other people gravitated towards…just as we have known negative..hateful people who seem to have a similar group surrounding them…
    We have the omnipotence to choose what we say..what vibration we send out…and what vibrations we draw to us.
    God is omnipotent…this what every religion believes..just substitute the word God for Mohammed or Buddah or whatever….it is still the same…
    so here are the truths I believe:
    God is Omnipotent
    God is Love
    I am made in the image and likeness of God
    Therefore I am omnipotent and I am love.
    It seems so simple to me. How can I allow words of hate to come out of Gods mouth?

  4. Denise Tremaine

    Amy – once again you convey so much of what many people are feeling….words are powerful…and your way with words touches the very core of who I am…please continue with your words….I need them…to heal, to help, to think, to cry, to recover. Thank you.

  5. kristine

    words are living breathing things…they have a life of their own and they create love and choice and regret and faith..beautifully written.

  6. Amy Wise

    I thought my dream had died….words saved me.

    Love A.

  7. Maxee

    Okay! Okay!, I have a few choice words for you, Ms Amy Ferris…………….
    Awesome, Fascinating, Incredible, Marvelous, Prodigious, Shocking, Stunning, surprising, Unbelievable, Wonderful, Gorgeous, Brilliant, and frickin’ AMAZING!!!
    Yes, you are! LOVE your blog. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! it. All of your BLOGS!!!
    You are a super star! And I am so honored to call you my friend.


  8. Jane

    “a great blog will make you wish you knew the person.”

    SO true, Amy!!!

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