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i really would like to be funny right now, but i gotta say, i’m not really feeling it. i spent a week in mexico, and while the first 5 days were delightful, my kindle broke the minute i got there (god only knows) and so i was without my favorite past time – reading. trust me, it was fucking excruciating. i love reading, it’s like breathing but better. i get to inhale and exhale and imagine and create and make believe, like the rest of the reading tribe. so, yes, my kindle broke, and i was stuck with a “ta-da” kripalu catalogue. ken was smarter, he bought a book at the airport. i of course, was blushing arrogantly as he tossed his thick book onto the seat of the plane and announced: a vacation, a book, “ah hah, i thought, gotcha.” i downloaded 3 books, and i have 40 some odd hidden away in this tiny sexy object, so there.

well, ken won.

his one book proved to be his life saver. mine was reading and re-reading and re-reading to the point of memorization the entire kripalu catalogue (with a few recipes thrown in) to the point of nausea. do you have any idea how many workshops there are for women who are having breakdowns – nervous, physical, emotional, sexually and otherwise? it appears, and rightfully so, that women in their late 40’s and early 50’s and beyond, are truly deeply searching for a more joyful, purposeful life. we’re not looking for work, we’re searching for our life’s calling, we’re not seeking a mate, we’re truly searching for a companion. we aren’t settling any longer for toxic friends, were looking for equality in our daily lives and boy oh fucking boy do we deserve it. we have settled for mediocrity for as long as our mothers have told us that children should be seen AND NOT HEARD, seen and not heard. wow. be pretty, stand still. keep to yourself. don’t say a word. wait to be seated. go play with karen. don’t leave the house, no you can’t speak now. you are not in pain. i will tell you when you’re in pain. be a good girl. don’t make trouble.

which brings me to:

sarah palin & gabby giffords.
two extremely different women.

one woman has what appears to be a gorgeous, genuine selfless calling. a woman who truly, undoubtedly believes that her purpose on this earth is to unite, create value, help bring a country together, heal all wounds, and give hope a chance. and boy oh boy, talk abut fulfilling one’s mission: she has brought and continues to bring this country together piece by piece, on our knees, through her most unbearable courage. she wields a sword of dignity and grace and humanity. an example for each and every one of us to engrave and carry. a husband who truly honors her, loves her desperately, who stands shoulder to shoulder with her. she is a feminine soul. a woman with grand intention. her heart and spirit it seems is right on par with the hatred and violent act that was witnessed on saturday. i am always in awe and often reminded that an act of evil is often met head on with equal weight in it’s stunning heart stopping heroism and courage. powerful is not a big enough word.

faith and fear. flip sides of a coin.

and then the other woman, strong, and forceful. a gust of mighty wind that seems to rattle the very foundation we stand on. she is not a woman who comes from a place of calm and comfort and ease. she is a woman armed with ego, the need to be shine brightly. to be a star, she is a fighter, a beauty, with a strong sense of her own entitlement. she will not go away quietly. she is a force of nature. good bad, indifferent, she will stir the pot. she is not a selfless woman, she is masculine fighter. she goes for the jugular.

these past five days, the emotion, the fear, the worry, the unease, the pain … this was about civility. america. healing. wounds. this was about putting the I CAN back in AMERICAN. this was and is about the divide we have in this country that is palpable at best, in your face at worst. and i for one find it remarkable, that at this time, THIS TIME IN HISTORY we have two women, two passions. two power houses that are as opposite as opposite can be.

we cried & cry – deeply – for gabby giffords, her recovery. we root for her. for her soul & spirit, for her to wake up, be strong and mend and HELP US HEAL. we need her to heal to heal us. she has a huge mission. she is a bright star. she will not dim, because she will not fade away. she must not fade away, she is what we woman need. an example of grace and humanity. a soul-sister. we call on women like gabby to mentor us. to lead us.

we were angered – rightfully so – when ms. palin put on her own 8 minute ‘presidential pilot script (with hope for a full 4 season pick up, no doubt)’ reprimanding journalists and pundits for manufacturing a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. a blood libel. poorly chosen words. thoughtless words. nothing mentioned, not a word, about gabby, or dorothy morris, or judge john m. toll, or phyllis schneck, or dorwin stoddard, or gabe zimmerman. not a mention about husbands and wives and partners, spouses, or the suffering endured. not a word about comforting, all geared to conflict and confrontation. she is every siblings nightmare sister. not a word mentioned about christina taylor green. one would think and hope and believe as a mother that ms. palin would honor this child. acknowledge her, comfort the grieving parents within that 8 minute “woo is me” speech.

but that’s the point.
these are two entirely different women.

we’re at a crossroads, a turning point in history, as hollye dexter so brilliantly pointed out today: these are OUR opportunities, folks, our chances. they are right here now. in front of us.

we women have a massive role to play. HUGE. MASSIVE. we play it everyday. we are peacemakers, lovers, friends, comrades, we are spiritual advisors, we are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters. we have the ability to stand up and stand tall, to rise above the bullshit. if we see a woman leading us astray, it is our obligation to stop them from going down the wrong road. nothing wrong with a little political GPS training.

because after all these years, the one thing we oughta know with our eyes closed:
a good mother, a kind mother, a smart mother will offer everyone food and have them sit around a table, and laugh and joke and say: at this house, you are my child.

sarah palin is a self-promoting power hungry beauty queen. she often plays dirty. school yard bully dirty. she and her gang of four, walking and talking around this country throwing second amendment rights in the middle of shopping mall conversations, using language and tough talk as if it’s sexy. It isn’t sexy sarah. sexy is soft power. anyone ever tell you that? sexy and smart and funny hold there own. she asks us to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his/her actions. well, ms. buttercup, what about you? what’s you game-plan? Break some hearts, win ’em back? bad, bad strategy.

gabby giffords is a star. She is all mighty, holding her own. Fighting for her life. Without any warning, she set the bar much, much higher. She knew – SHE KNEW – we needed to stop this bullshit, become united, fight for this country, our country. the diversity, the beauty, the passion.

i for one would rather jump as high as I can, than play “how low can you go” with a limbo (or should i say LIMBAUGH) stick.

that’s so, you know … junior high.

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  1. Madge Woods

    Right on sister friend. I passed this on. I loved it. I so agree with you on all levels here.

  2. Valerie

    Very well thought out and I agree…especially with your description of Palin. I could never put my finger on exactly why she is so disturbing but you did…school yard bully. What is so disarming about her is that she does it with a fake smile wanting you to believe that she’s a sweet thing. It just doesn’t feel right.

  3. Carol

    Thank you Amy for bringing ALL of this to light, Goodness and Evil all so clearly evident in just 2 women. Wow, how very ironic and how very scarey too. You truly are an amazing woman to pull this together and enlighten us. There is nothing worse than a Grown Up Bully. Given enough rope, Ms. Palin’s days are numbered. I am surprised she still has a voice after all of her follies.
    She really is an perfect example of the dumbing down affect.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

  4. Debbie

    Amy, first of all, so glad you’re back from Mexico safely with your head still attached to you body! YES. Ms. Palin – here’s the thing that gets me about her … How can any woman, a mother, SHOOT an animal to kill it???? I seriously don’t get it. I think that alone speaks volumes. Great post as always.



  5. Linda tears

    sarah is slowly self-combusting – she’s a thorn in the side that supporters are slowly pulling out and discarding…bye bye!

  6. kristine

    I have received every blog you have written with joy, awe, respect and gratitude…this my dear is beyond exceptional. we who love and follow you are inspired by you…time to share you with the nation…time to send this piece to the New York Times. You should be a columnist, no doubt about it. You are an incredibly skilled communicator, a glorious woman of determination and strength and a passionate leader for all things WOMEN. Bravo, bravo, bravo…

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