another week in tinsel town

we have ‘the kids are all right”, but the director doesn’t get nominated. oops. “great girl director gets snubbed.” big fucking boo-boo!
we got michelle bachman looking & talking into the third (phantom) camera, thinking she’s connecting to her third eye, blabbering on about overpriced LED bulbs and slavery being abolished before it was HELLO…. abolished. oh, yeah, she’s a runner!
we have gabby giffords going from serious to good. THE GODDESS WE’VE ALL BEEN ROOTING FOR.
we have john boehner looking mighty tan, wonder his country of origin?
we have barack wowing ’em. seriously. seriously.
we have nelson mandela in the hospital. send a prayer, make a wish, blow a kiss and a large hug.
we have snubs and shocks and snooki going to italy.
we have fashion designers giving a thumbs down to each and every michelle “choice” of gowns and dresses. can’t we just agree that she’s the the cats meow and leave it at that. my god.
we have dreck from 8 to 10 pm making believe it’s television, we have movies costing enough to feed small (or maybe large) countries FOR MANY YEARS.
we have everyone airing their dirty laundry on TEEN MOM and we wonder why we’re in deep, deep shit.
we have ted haggard admitting his bi-sexuality. uh oh, here comes trouble.
we have elton john being snubbed at the royal wedding.
we have dennis kucinich suing ($150,000 worth) over an UN-PITTED OLIVE. it makes me feel extremely foolish that i never took Gaeta to court for the lone un-pitted olive that snuck (and hid) into my caesar salad, the one i almost choked on… (thank you ken for the CPR) i assumed it was a mistake. now i’m seeing it was an opportunity for a summer villa. ah, there’s always another pit.
oprah found her long lost sister, and consistently reinforces the absolute truth that YES, LIFE IS FILLED WITH MIRACLES.
madonna likes ’em young.
lady gaga is creating a fragrance with a hint of eau de blood and a splash of semen. (sounds like my bedroom)

and last but oh so not least… JAVIER AND PENELOPE made a baby. a boy. a baby boy.
now we don’t have to talk about charlie sheen any. more.

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  1. Madge Woods

    Thanks for an update on politics and gossip. Love it.

  2. Amy Wise

    Oh our “priorities.”

  3. Jane

    and I will add to this list that I got a letter printed in TIME magazine! (January 31 issue) Gun In America? Haiti? Unemployment? Hell, no!
    I wrote in defense of Gwyneth Paltrow!!!! But still, it counts as having a letter published in TIME magazine, right?

  4. Janessa

    Really like the modern design. I was pleased with the information. Thank you for this great article.

  5. Jody

    It has always been such?


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