pj’s & bj’s

charlie sheen refuses to go to rehab.
he’s at home.
collecting a ton of frickin’ dough.

i’m at home too.
wearing old worn flannel pj’s.
collecting memories.

ken & i went out this afternoon to stock up on food & wine & cat food & de-icer crap & panties & bras & art supplies & all sorts of stuff because we’re getting another winter storm. per the weather channel, it’ll be a wintry mix. ice. snow. rain. more ice more snow. more fucking ice. more fucking rain. SLEET. SLUSH. ICE.

it appears we’ll be snowed in for about, i don’t know, six, seven…eight months.

and… so, i put on my pajamas.
and then… then…
ken turned to me and said: “wow, babe, your earrings don’t match your pajamas.”


and i responded: “my earrings don’t match my pajamas?”

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3 Responses to “pj’s & bj’s”

  1. Madge Woods

    I don’t know all your symbols but I do know pj’s must match PJ’s if you are like me and go out and around my neighborhood to visit people. Also, Charlie Sheen is at home with an entire group of counselors and addiction people for 3 months. Because of security and what comes out of the normal addiction centers his people thought it better to have it done at his house where they can control the action. I say what can they tell that he personally hasn’t told us or shown us himself except maybe his penis. The porn star cashed her thirty thousand dollar check but his checks for 6 months of rent for a mansion at $225,000 a month were torn up by his people. I see him dead within the year regardless of what everyone does. Now the bigger discussion is that his crew is not paid their full salaries when he does this shit. Last rehab they got only a small amount. I say let the network pay for them to sit around as well. I am very much into gossip and follow my TMZ. 🙂 Who likes to think she is in the Hollywood scene but totally isn’t.

  2. Hollye Dexter

    OY! Snowed in again!
    calling you to make sure you’re not going “Jack Nicholson- The Shining” on us.

  3. Barbara@TheMiddleAges

    Snowing as I read this! Although not as much as they warned. I’ll have to check if I have any earrings that match my pjs 😉

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