psychic junkie

okay i admit it. i am a junkie. anything & everything astrologically related, and i’m there.
i’m there, i’m armed, i’m ready.
every day i read my horoscope.
everyday i read my horoscope, and I read ken’s horoscope (so i can tell ken what he should and should not being on a daily basis).

i know when mercury is in retrograde.
i know when venus is aligned with mars.
i know when love will fill the planets.
i know when an appliance or my computer or my cellphone or my vacuum cleaner isn’t working, it isn’t necessarily because they’re old or need repair, it’s more than likely because the stars are not aligned. something in the universe is out of whack. i know when ken and i are fighting like cats and dogs it’s not because he’s completely and utterly wrong and i’m 100% right, it’s because the stars are at odds.
i also know that when i read more than one horoscope a day i get very, very fucking confused.
which brings me to today.
today i read three different horoscopes.
i decided to go onto three different sites and compare.


each one – EACH ONE – was completely different in tone and prediction.
one reminded me that i was all powerful and going through a deep life changing weird peculiar phase and i should just be kinder to myself. replenish. rejoice, and rejuvenate. but to do absolutely – ABSOLUTELY nothing, sit still. let it pass. embrace MY POWER and MY LIFE, but to take no action. to sit in THE QUIET. DO NOTHING.
the other one said that i must take action. be pro-active, be much more pro-active than i’ve been, and that while all my dreams are yes, within grasp, i’m not quite as POWERFUL today. Today i am less powerful. Today I should just keep moving. Move move move. Keep moving. I need to move, feel the energy so I can yes, regain my power.
the last one i read was predicting a god awful shitful day. filled with drama and sadness and ‘overwhelmingly’ anxiety, it was a day of profound reflection. i was advised to not make any decisions today as i would probably make the wrong decisions and regret them down the road. I would be filled with anxiety and fear and tremendous self-doubt. Today was a good day to seek outside counseling and therapy.

so today this is what i did:

i stayed in.
i hardly moved.
i did two yoga poses, downward dog and kneeling child begging for help.
i didn’t make any decisions or choices or lunch.
i did make a few phone calls (pro-active) but didn’t commit to any dates and/or dinners.
i did feel overwhelmingly anxious and took a valium, and then i spit it out because i felt that was the wrong decision. i did breathing exercises, figuring that breathing was both pro-active and could be considered therapeutic.
i did not play outside.
i vacuumed ONE RUG which moved both my energy and the coffee table.
i folded laundry although i wasn’t sure if i should.

i tweezed my eyebrows.
and i regret that.

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10 Responses to “psychic junkie”

  1. aeast

    Eyebrows grow back. The psychic wounds from mixed message astrological charts take longer to heal.

  2. Hollye Dexter

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…
    LOVE this!

    I can soooo relate!

  3. Krista

    I tweezed my brows today too. And I read my horoscope every day. My horoscope which is also your horoscope, and today, this is what it said:

    “Your siblings or best friends may play a more important role in your life these days. You might even inadvertently pull in someone to play out your issues about dependency versus independence. It seems as if others aren’t sure how close to get to you or how long to stay. But on further examination, it appears that they are just following your lead. Show them what’s most important by opening your heart and being real.”

  4. Kathleen

    I should have walked over to see you then again maybe NOT!
    Non of your horoscopes mentioned unexpected guests~LOL

    I never made it down the hill I just walked the top of the driveway in laps like a horse to get some fresh air(wicked cold out). Bums is home for two days because of the weather. Now I understand your blog about retirement and being in the house together. Actually it works for he is in the gallery or his office and I am twos floors above him. Peace~no phone~love it.

    This blog was so you I loved it. I only read my horoscope the day after. I know, I know. But it works for me and when it doesn’t the day is over and I don’t care.

    You are so real so full of love~~thanks so for all that you share. xoxo

  5. Barbara@TheMiddleAges

    Oh, man, this made me laugh. My hand in the air: Chronic horoscope reader. Chronic tweezer user (mostly on errant, wtf hairs). Feel your pain. Excited that you share it! xoxo

  6. Amy Wise

    My neighbor reads MY horoscope and then shares it with me! I love her! She is 80 years old and is my “Cali Mom”…she reads it every single day for me. She is a sugar!

    This post made me giggle. Way to go spitting out the valium! LOL! Just say no. =) Hugs and much love! A.

  7. Madge Woods

    Never trusted them. I don’t read them and don’t follow along. Since my ex-husband and I shared the same horoscope and were so different I knew no horoscopes or any astrology for me.
    I also go to someone for my eyebrows or I would tweeze them until they were gone using a powerful mirror. Now I leave them alone well, usually.

  8. jenne andrews

    While you were tweezing I was worrying about things on the other side of the world; your humor is terrific and keeps things in perspective, Amy! xxxj

  9. Jane

    Shoveling out from the 2011 Ground Hog Day Blizzard in Chicago.
    Can you rerun your “See Ken Shovel” blog?

    I was out there helping my husband. We live on a corner lot, have a long driveway, snowblower out of order. We were concentrating on the driveway first. 2 feet of snow and 5 foot high drifts as far as the eye could see. Yet he kept telling me I was shoveling “wrong.” Repeatedly.
    When the mounds of snow finally melt, that his frozen, lifeless body will NOT be found with my shovel sticking out of his head, is a tribute to how much I have grown as a person. :0)

  10. Monica Holloway

    Hahahahahahah! Love the eyebrow tweezing. I’ve overdone hair reduction in several places on my body with much regret, so I’m with you, my sister.

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