word verification.
this is one of those things that boggles my frickin’ mind.
these are some of the ‘words’ that needed to be verified recently as i was posting a comment on various blogs and posts and websites.

elisker kil
spaff kinder
anatch urla
abe masy

and some are in italic or in a whole new font thing, some are lower case, some are upper case, some are hyphenates and some have squiggle shit that i can’t even find the icon for and who fucking comes up with this?
who has this job?
and do they have to take a drug test?

which brings me to this.

ken & i were the only two people – out of like a whole entire plane full – who were patted down on our return from mexico. a 70 year old man and HELLO, a very fit and beautiful 56 year old woman who looks much younger in person, thank you very much. and we had to step into a round time machine kind of thing, and the doors closed, and the wind blew and everything spun and we had to put our hands on our heads and not breathe and … and not move, and then our bodies were completely scanned head to toe and then when the doors opened, we stepped out (and yes yes YES we did this individually – not together – you definitely can not be scanned together unless of course you’re a con-joined twin) and then THEN we had to stand and wait for the images to get processed and developed, and not only did i get scanned – which as an aside, they should give everyone they scan their body scan images as a gift, if for no other reason, then for christmas cards and the like, but they also took away my hair products. so not only did i have to step into this weird round machine and have my body scanned, i had my hair relaxer taken.

and after that experience, while sitting in the airport, i tried to get on to a website, and this was the “word verification” word:



okay, i mean, what the fuck does that word – or those words – mean?


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  1. Carol

    OMG, I can’t believe you guys had to do that!! How Scarey!! As Peter Fonda once said “I don’t wanna be hassled by the man, MAN!!”
    Besides Big Brother watching and the DUMBING down of everything, our entire lives will have to be “verified”, it’s like a bad sci-fi movie.
    Glad you’re home and ok now. Traveling just ain’t what it used to be.
    ~be groovy

  2. kristine

    wet my pants…again…thank you very much. OMG, hysterical.
    Usually I can’t find my glasses when I am asked to type the word verification. I always think it must be me Ac4Lits serUir…somehow that must really be ACTIVE SENIOR, which of course I am and I type letter for letter and then of course brutally rejected…and then asked to type crzi bich

  3. Madge Woods

    I wrote my treatise on this very thing last November. How funny. We think alike. Love it.

    Silly words
    I always am amazed with all the websites I have bookmarked to see those crazy words come up to verify my postings. Everyday without fail I see them and wonder how the computer generates the letters. I try to make sense of them and realize they are nonsensical but still intrigue me. Just one of life’s little surprises. I wait for them like I do for a lover or friend. They are comforting and always appear. Sometimes I am hoping they are lost in space and let me sign on without them but no such luck. The ones that are hard to read drive me crazy and I have to hit the refresh button hoping to get one that is visible to my eyes. They make me laugh and think about letters and words and their impact on my daily life. Just a little nonsense to add to my day.

  4. Hollye Dexter

    i want that job – making up ridiculous words.
    And I agree about the body scan. It costs like $1000 to get a body scan by a radiologist and insurance doesn’t cover it, so yeah – if you have to go through the humiliation you should at least get a print out so you can admire your healthy liver, or whatever.

    And they took your hair products!!!!! That is ungodly.

    Great post!

  5. debbie

    Sumo-Carnin. This is a meat eating SUMO wrestler.

  6. Kim LePiane

    Amy ~ you always manage to touch me.

    We haven’t been formally introduced, but a Wise Amy has spoken so highly of you I had no choice but to peek. I have, and I do, and I’m enjoying your book and your posts, here and on FB (via Amy Wise). I just thought I would stop in and say hi, and let you know, you have another devoted fan. Brava!

  7. Jas

    WHAT! Hair relaxer is expensive! Tell them to mail that ish to you!

  8. Gail

    Carnin is a town in France which is famous for ice sculptues and Japanese wrestling.

  9. georgette scarpato

    How the hell do they make their decision on who to scan anyway Amy? Shouldn’t they scan everyone…..I mean, couldn’t that little old lady with a cane have a bomb in her underwear…just saying!!!! Crazy…..I’m all for security…but on equal levels….all for one and one for all. As for sumo-carnin….ummm….no clue!!!

    Love, Georgie

  10. Nancy Wurtzel

    I never thought of this before, but you are right….who is sitting around coming up with this stuff???? Half the time, I can’t even make them out because they are so swirled and distorted (and naturally, I can find my glasses). Well, it has to be men doing this as it is so STUPID. Sorry, having a very bad man-dislike day. But honestly, it has to be a guy thinking this up — probably a direct descendant from the man who invented high heals. Great post as always!

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