seeing the ME in shaME

in the past 24 hours this is what i have thought about, spoken about, shared, & done:
i posted a request on facebook (for folks to buy & read my book), and after a few hours, removed the request. it felt uncomfortable – so very uncomfortable – to ask.
i started writing a letter to someone who did something profoundly nasty & shitty to me, and after a few sentences, and attempts, i ripped the letter up (well, not really, i tossed it in the trash bin on my computer and then emptied the bin, never to be retrieved again). i felt like i wasn’t being, you know, ‘the good girl.’
i said yes when i should have said no.
i said “that’s okay” when in truth it wasn’t.
i didn’t ask for help when i needed help.
i underestimated myself.
i underpriced myself.
i overwhelmed myself.
i was shamed into donating 20 bucks by an overbearing humorless snarky telemarketer.
i did not tell an acquaintance to fuck off.
i did not tell my husband “bravo, baby, bravo” to something he FINALLY completed because at that point i did not feel like being generous.

and as i sit here, sharing this … i think about the friends i spoke with yesterday who shared with me their shame & pain & vulnerability and fuck-ups and downs, and i think:
how glorious – truly deeply GLORIOUS – to be able to share YOUR WHOLE LIFE – the good, the bad, the not so attractive stuff.

you know, THE UNIVERSAL LIFE-STUFF that connects us.

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  1. Madge Woods

    This is the Amy I know and love. Speak your truth sister friend. You will always feel better. Too old to hold back.

  2. Hollye Dexter

    On the opening night of your play, you are really going to see, physically, how connected to you we all are. Because you’ve always been so open and true..because you’ve shared your good, bad and your funny- we are yours.

    And we will continue to read, and share and shout from the rooftops how we love your beautiful book!

  3. Amy Wise

    I am so grateful to you. You are hearing my good, my bad, my beautiful, my not so pretty….and you are right there to hold me up and help me grow. That my friend is love. Pure love. You are truly my angel. A.

  4. kristine

    the good, the bad and the ugly. yesterday you told me that I didn’t have to be BRAVE…not being brave is the same as showing your shame…your vulnerable spots. I am obsessive about being BRAVE, about doing it all myself, about helping others (that truly brings me joy) and denying others who want to help me. This idea of SHAME is probably the most common of common threads that connect us to one another. To share it is to have faith in yourself and faith in others…I think we are all developing more faith than we had before.
    I adore you and give thanks…

  5. debbie

    hey aimsters! you gotta “friend” me … i finally got on facebook. Go to dandebbie I LOVE YOU AND I’M GONNA PUT A BIG OL PLUG FOR MARRYING GEORGE CLOONEY ON MY FACEBOOK!!!!


    p.s. and i have influence … friends in high places ….

  6. Cheryl Moseley

    This is THE PERFECT time for me to read this. I am in the process of writing a letter that I’ve been putting off for three years, all because I was trying to protect my aunt and uncle’s image, keep the truth from my cousins’ view of them. “Don’t say anything to hurt someone.” In the end, I feel ashamed of my self and have indeed, hurt my own self, shamed myself for not being right out there. Now they are ashamed of me and they don’t even know why, although there is no reason for me to feel ashamed. Shame on me! I’m not going to live in shame!!!! It’s about telling the truth.

    You beautiful, open, loving, supportive hubs of Ms. Ferris Wheel – I love you all. And yes, Hollye’s right, you will see on your opening night exactly what you have created Ms. Amy. The power of love.
    And so much to you……..

  7. Iris

    My dear Amy–Living out here on the West Coast where everything is always so PC and nice-nice, it feels SO good to read the honest-to-goodness/badness confessions of a fellow Long Island Jewish Buddhist. What you wrote here–that’s an average day for me. Except for the $20 donation to the humorless telemarketer…Whatever possessed you??? 🙂

  8. melody george

    Dearest Amy…
    I wonder now if you are tired of my comments?..but still I will forge ahead and say what Im thinking. There must be some pressure to always be the leader..some stress to forever having so many of us tell you how near perfect you much we adore you and how you are a sort of symbol for all that we want to be. I know I have idolized you to such a point that you may be sick of hearing it.
    Having said that…I can only hope that you realize it is not the perfection of you that brings us all to our knees in front of you..but the dear imperfection that you show us and as always let us know that our own imperfections are acceptable as well…and indeed make up who we are as individuals. You have always loved us without question and we feel the same towards you. If I thought that I could never be allowed a day of frustration, or anger, or limited patience, I don’t think I could enjoy those precious days when all is right and good and every little hair falls into place ..and I have time for everyone and love abounds.
    We are lucky because we still have time to tell those people in our lives how wonderful they are and re-do the little wrongs we may have done the day before. I love that you say you were bullied into donating 20.00 and wish you hadnt. I donated to red cross the maximum amount in our paypal account of 2500.00! Its not that its not going to a cause that I believe in..I do! In fact I wish I could donate more…No..its not that..Its that I did it in an emotional state and didnt even talk it over with my other half to see if its ok! I was amazed and how sweetly and lovingly he reacted…telling me…its ok as I burst into tears ..but next time..just to please talk to him about it!! I know in my heart..if that action has been reversed I would have been angry with him!!
    Now we are tapped for donation..but I dont regret the action.
    After reading your blog..I feel like “it was ok”..maybe more than ok…just one of those impetuous moments that happens. We all have days like that.
    As long as You know you are loved..and loved without restrictions..loved no matter what …loved because YOU are YOU…then who cares that you had a moment of doubt…or pause…or uncertainty?
    I can assure you..YOU are loved!

  9. New Mid-Life Crisis Member


    I’m a random stranger who came across your book on Friday night while sitting on my barstool trying to figure out which book held all the answers to whatever the hell was happening to me. I looked inside your book and dissolved into fits of laughter. Of course, I bought the book right away and gave thanks to the universe that I fell for Amazon’s two-day shipping promo back in January. Today, I thought I’d try to learn a little bit more about who this hilarious author is…and here I am…and you write about a request for people to buy and read your book. So, I thought I’d let you know that I bought it Friday night and can’t wait to read it in full. Just the first few pages and other snippets improved my weekend and made me feel less alone. So, thank you. And I will spread the word.

  10. Jane

    and “Welcome!” New Mid-Life Crisis Member!

  11. Ann

    Who Says
    Amy, I just heard Selena Gomez sing this on Ellen. It made me think of you and this post. I love the lyrics and the catchy melody sticks in your mind = positive self-talk! We need more of that for sure.

    You made me insecure
    Told me I wasn’t good enough
    But who are you to judge
    When you’re a diamond in the rough
    I’m sure you got some things
    You’d like to change about yourself
    But when it comes to me
    I wouldn’t want to be anybody else

    Who says
    Who says you’re not perfect
    Who says you’re not worth it
    Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting
    Trust me
    That’s the price of beauty
    Who says you’re not pretty
    Who says you’re not beautiful
    Who says

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