oh my god, it’s happening.
a spanking new disorganized religion.
i’m trying desperately to find out more about it, but this is what i know so far:

you have to be a first class fool or an asshole to get through the initiation door.
you have to support men who treat women like absolute shit and get a way with it time and time AND TIME again, and… and… you also have to have frequent flyer miles (on either AMERICAN AIRLINES OR VIRGIN AIR) to vegas for weekend trysts. paying cold cash will not work. again, cold cash will not work.
you have to speak badly and loudly, and appear both anti-semitic & racist while twittering (i believe that’s called multi-tasking) on a national radio show toward those who have hired you, supported you, lifted you and saved your frickin’ ass on more than one occasion.
you have to believe that ONE CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER MAN is funnier, saner, WORTH MORE than TWO AND A HALF MEN.
you have to pray at the altar of CRAZY WITH A SIDE OF BIG BALLS, wearing a vile of TIGER BLOOD as a keepsake either on a chain dangling from your neck (your call on length of chain), or in a charm (again, your call!) on a charm bracelet.

and HERE’S THE CLINCHER: you must be able to act badly enough, and rude enough and vile enough toward women & co-workers & family & friends & your very own children long enough so that CBS (or any powerful conglomerate or NETWORK) will rehire you because having you on air is far more important financially than SHOWING & LIVING & leading THROUGH EXAMPLE that bad behavior is not only unacceptable but completely and utterly disrespectful toward those whose YEARLY income is less than what you have squandered in one night at one hotel with one women whose name you just can’t remember.

(and a half)

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  1. Madge Woods

    I totally agree. What example does this show? One of disrespect for the viewing audience and the value of the all mighty dollar. This sickens me and hope all is not forgiven and we never see the likes of this again with any actor who is so terribly troubled and mentally unstable.

  2. Beverlee Peters

    Great blog Amy! I agree as well. So sad & wrong…..

  3. kristine

    why are the idiots ever placed in charge of anything…Gadhafi/Sheen/Cheney/Palin…what the hell.
    Why aren’t they ashamed of themselves?

  4. Jane

    Totally agree, Amy. And how about the morons paying $500+ a seat and selling out his shows in Chicago and other cities. Why on EARTH would you PAY to go see this person?

  5. Carol

    I know it is most likely not possible, but I was wondering if this was somewhat orchestrated by publicists…it’s low and dirty and it is all about the money. I think they were planning on taking him back all along, they just sucked up all the free publicity he gave them. No such thing as bad publicity…shame on CBS.

  6. Debbie

    Bad behavior – the new stardard of success. SOMEONE NEEDS TO SHOOT THAT ASSHOLE … BUT ONLY FOR TEN MINUTES. UGH.


    Great post Amy.

  7. Hollye Dexter

    If they really do hire him back….wow. Words escape me.

    That is called the church of the almighty dollar.

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