our lady of perpetual shopping

yesterday i went shopping with my friend robyn and the thing that struck my more than the prices:
when they say it’s a pencil skirt, they mean pencil skirt. i couldn’t shimmy into one of those skirts if my life depended on it.
when they say the pants are STICK THIN – they mean stick thin. if i were a stick figure, maybe, maybe i could zip ’em up. maybe. doubtful, but maybe.
when they say small – they mean tiny. TINY. i’m gonna leave it at that.
when they say medium – they mean tiny plus. truly.
when they say black – it’s really really dark grey. i want black. dark gorgeous black. not some make believe fake color. gimme black.

and when the say 40% off “everything,” why oh why does it always seem that the cashiers and the sales people have also taken 40% off their perkiness & humanity … snarky is not a good sales point.
i think it should just say 40% off all clothes.

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  1. Madge Woods

    Right on with this blog today. I dislike shopping. Usually when I find something that looks good I buy it in a few colors.

  2. kristine

    I am in the un-shopping phase…I look in my closet and see the mini-me versions and can’t get them out of there fast enough.

    Shopping (especially the mirrors and the god awful lighting) are the perfect place to practice SELF LOVE…Those head to toe dimples look especially special under that florescent lighting. How come the teenage teeny weeny looks so bright and vibrant?

    Same lighting, oh yeah, different skin.

  3. Jane

    And why are they allowed to say: “40% OFF EVERYTHING! *Some exclusions apply.” It’s NOT 40% OFF EVERYTHING! dammit!
    And they might as well add ***Jane, this means whatever you like and/or fits you is NOT included.

  4. Nicole Johns

    I have never, ever been able to wear a pencil skirt. Because I have hips and and a butt. I’m with you on that one, and same with the black. I HATE fake black. I know exactly what you mean about wanting a rich, dark black. And don’t get me started on “skinny” or “matchstick” or “toothpick” -style jeans.

  5. Robyn

    Yes, shopping with Amy yesterday was a… Dorothy… we are not in Kansas anymore moment. First off… I never shop in REAL stores. only discount stores so seeing a sundress for $228.00 that is made from fabric that will snag on the first fence you look at really makes me wonder… Who is buying this stuff?

  6. Barbara@TheMiddleAges

    sigh, I’ve long been frustrated by the size conundrums, but this weird new black that’s actually grey is really friggin’ frustrating!!

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