spring maybe

today, spring.
it wasn’t a bullshit spring day – it was the real deal. warm. sunny. flowers growing, popping. yellows. purples. sexy.
my husband is in a “creating new stone staircase mode” moving rock after rock after rock AFTER ROCK.
my husband is seventy years old.
we live in a park.
our home is in the middle of park land. stunning. just stunning.
we live in a wonderful park – think central park – rock and quarries and trees and stone and animals and wildflowers, bigger rocks and bigger stones and we have a bunch of acres and ken loves L.O.V.E.S. moving rocks. creating beds, vegetable & flower, out of stone and rock. he makes his garden grow. big & bigger.

today as i was washing dishes (drum roll, please) i stared out the kitchen window and there was ken, my ken, staring down a massive – if i tell you a fucking huge bolder – rock. ken, his hands on his hips, eyeing this bolder. staring, his eyes getting smaller, his intent fiery. i stopped washing the dishes. this was a much better way to pass the time.
i’m not joking, ten minutes passed. ken & the rock. a frickin’ standoff.
and then ken knelt down, touched the rock, soothed the rock with his hand, as if it were the most important piece of god given material, of nature, and then ken closed his eyes and i swear… he became herculian. no shit. ken lifted the bolder, my guy ken, and moved it to where he wanted it to be. the beginning of a stone staircase.

i watched as my husband turned into superman. i witnessed his power, his contemplation, his concentration. i saw it with my own eyes.

i spritzed a little eau de stone-ridge on my breasts and lay down on the bed, so when ken came into our bedroom, i made believe i was the bolder.

he laid down next to me on the bed, “oooh, you smell good,” and two seconds later… snoring.

my super HERO/MAN.

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7 Responses to “spring maybe”

  1. kristine

    rock and roll…love your guy and the stories you tell

  2. Hollye Dexter

    Oh you made me smile this morning. That is a precious heartwarming story. Don’t worry, I’m sure Ken will give you a rain-check.

  3. Kathleen

    This brought a ‘smile’ to my face. I can see you at the window and Ken outside.
    I have my own boulder that I have been lugging since age 16. I pass on moving or relocating any stone or boulders for fear of snakes.

    But when Bums is out moving the boulders covered with moss, dirt and creatures he also falls into that deep snoring mode.

    So wonderful to live in the forest as long as the bugs stay away. We are both so lucky to have super farm men in our lives.

  4. Barbara@TheMiddleAges

    Awesome!!! Awe something fierce.
    Go Ken. And go eau de rock.

  5. Barbara O

    Wonderful! Thanks for another terrific story.

  6. Jane

    A wonderful Spring Has Sprung story!

  7. Madgew

    Loved the imagery.

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