something borrowed, something newt

i wrote a blog today about the power of standing side by side with women. i love my women friends. they give me strength and hope and joy and laughter and all that good stuff. it was my riff on BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN… it’s called BESIDE EVERY GREAT WOMAN.

but then i read this quote by newt gingrich*:

“we’re never going to win until we demonize the democrats. stop saying they’re honorable people with whom we disagree and start saying they’re bad people, evil people.”

well, that goes under the HOLY CRAP category.

with. whom. we. disagree.

this from a man who desperately wanted to impeach bill clinton while he himself was getting blown six ways to sunday by an intern. this from a man who then cheated on his second wife only to find God (and apparently the deep love of country) after another woman was down on her knees. this from a man whose desire to divide this country is far greater than his obvious love for blow jobs (does that go under unemployment?) and sexual favors.

which brings me to this:
behind every single stupid, manipulative, angry, bitter man (could be) a woman who needs to step out from the shadows and scream:


*noted – thank you jane – from a barney frank interview.

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4 Responses to “something borrowed, something newt”

  1. Hollye Dexter

    This is anti-sane. What a freekin nutball hypocrite this guy is.

    PLEASE POST this on i.sane!!!
    Love it!

  2. Jane

    I am not a Newt Gringrich fan, but I think it should be noted this was said by Democrat Congressman Barney Frank in an interview, paraphrasing Newt Gingrich’s ‘message’ – this is not a direct quote.

  3. Madgew

    All nuts. Anyone who breaks up with a wife in a hospital room as she is treated for cancer is a real ass.

  4. Nancy Wurtzel

    Oh, I’d like 10 minutes with the Newt. He’s got backbone so I could take him easily. And, who names their kid “Newt” anyway? I think he was probably bullied as a kid and has never recovered. Sadly, he took all of those experience and instead of becoming compassionate he just became a bully himself. Sad, sad little man.

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