hello god, it’s me amy

the god card.

okay, who out there believes we ought to stop using god as an excuse for the shit we do to each other?
i for one am getting really tired of people doing and saying all sorts of crazy, mean, horrific crap.

seems to me the level of crazy has risen.

the truth is human beings are flawed, we make mistakes, we fuck up royally, we say shit we don’t mean, we hurt each other brutally, we beat up on each other physically and emotionally, we are intolerant, unforgiving, at times extremely vile, and insincere.

we bruise each other, we batter each other, we keep each other at arms length.

we can be cruel, unfair, unkind.
we are often mean spirited and rude.

we blame others for our short comings and goings.

we love conditionally and want in return what we don’t want to give.

we sit in church on sundays, shul on fridays, mosques on wednesdays, buddhist temples and community centers on mondays, islamic temples on tuesdays. we sit, we pray. we say we’re good christians, tolerant buddhists, kind islamics, forgiving jews.

and then we step out into the world, into our daily lives and we call folks bad, bad names: niggers, kikes, evil doers, faggots, spics, schvartzes and worse.

and we cheat on our spouses, and beat our children, and rape our women and girls, and abuse our boys and men, and kill our animals and then… THEN, we go back to church, temple, shul, community centers and we pray and chant and we bow and we sit with our neighbors and friends and family and then once again…. we step out into the world and the cycle repeats. the anger, the brutality, the cruelness. the nasty and mean.

then we get caught, are found out.

a racist slur, a vile comment, a hate crime, bullying, a woman is battered, a child is beaten to a pulp and out comes the god card.

and yes, yes, yes … oh my god yes, there are many, many, many – oh so many – folks who do find god, and goddesses and buddha and spirituality and awaken to their humanity, finding the best in themselves and each other.

because the truth is we are flawed, we are imperfect … we make mistakes, we fuck up, we say shit we don’t mean. we hurt, we bruise, we react, and we are each – every one of us – capable of greatness. brilliance. beauty. more and better. kinder and tolerant.

we are capable – each and every moment, every single day – of such extraordinary goodness.

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  1. Madgew

    All true.

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