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my mother used to go to the beauty parlor where she and her friends would get their hair done, and nails done and they would sit and chat and laugh and cry and share and joke and complain and gossip and talk about other women behind their backs and find out who was getting divorced, remarried, having an affair. they would talk about men and children and knitting and mah jongg and shopping and bargains and good times and bad times and love and marriage.

i would wager most of our mothers had the same weekly experience.

a gathering. a circle. a community. a gab fest. girl talk, girl time.

as i sit here in bed, with my cup of coffee and my MacBook, it is astonishing to me that i too have a community of amazing women friends that nurture me and lift me and offer a shoulder, a hand … that i get to share the best and worst with, the good, the bad, the ugly… the pain and sorrow, the joy and happiness, the victories and defeats, daily life and middle of the night musings – without ever leaving my house.

i am in awe of the community of women that have gathered through networking. from seattle to portland to los angeles to san francisco, from houston to colorado to san miguel and back. to jersey and long island, to brooklyn and queens. from uptown to downtown. from new paltz to new mexico.

from beauty parlors to nail salons to spas…

… to sitting in bed, with a cup of coffee, cheering & rooting our girlfriends on.

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  1. Hannah Kozak

    You, Amy Ferris, have single handedly brought so many women together to support, love and share with one another. You’re a one woman breath of fresh air.You truly understand something my mentor taught me 29 years ago; it’s all about the love, not competition with one another. We build each one another up so we can be the best women possible. When you do well, so do I. This is how I have lived and why I resonate so deeply with you. love you

  2. Hollye Dexter

    We call it the Ferris Wheel!
    What a ride…

  3. Carol

    YAY!! WE ROCK!! Thanks Amy for helping keep the circle game going!!! (ps I’m jealous that you have a Macbook!! LOL)

  4. Amy Wise

    Love. <3

  5. Brauna Walsh

    Just took my 89 year old mom to her weekly hair appointment. It was an astonishing gabfest of 20 somethings to 90 year old women all relating to one another with humor and heart — the exact same feeling I experience when I read your blogs and your comments to me on my blogs. Your tireless enthusiasm, wit and nurturance is a gift that keeps on giving.
    Amy Ferris…You need to run for president! Love you muchly.

  6. Linda Lichtman


  7. Lori Landau

    it doesn’t really matter where we gather, but THAT we gather, to share wisdom, to share vulnerability, to share common human experience, to uplift, to support, to share………

  8. Jane

    The Ferris Wheel – I love that, Hollye!

  9. melody george

    : )

  10. Madgew

    Caught up on your blog Amy. Loved the Ferris wheel angle.

  11. Susan Coppage Evans

    I love the Ferris Wheel too.. gotta do something with that! (oh, and come back to CO!)

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