pants on fire

i told ken i was going to write all day.
i did.
this is what i said: “ken, i’m writing all day. please, don’t bother me unless you really need me.”
he said, “fine. good. sounds good. you need to write. okay. good. good.”
and i told him, “today i’m going to actually sit at my desk and write.”
and he said, “good. that’s so good.”
and amy wise (angel of angel’s) called me, and i said, “i’m going to write today.”
and she said, “oh good. GOOD!”
and so…
i sat here all day. at my computer.
i wrote a few emails.
i wrote two checks.
i read some huff post posts.
i read that newt is going to run. away, i hope. far fucking away. no newt is good newt.
i read that jesse james doesn’t believe sandra bullock loved him. shoo. go away. run with newt. go with newt.
i read something about silver & gold going up & down. up & down. sell buy sell buy.
i wrote another e-mail.
i wrote martha frankel about six or seven e-mails.
i went onto facebook. i liked about a hundred things, people, causes, sayings.
i did not like newt running.
i liked david lacy.
i liked julie silver.
i liked maxee artist.
i liked obama 2012.

ken knocked at my door, “are you busy? can I ask you something?”
i immediately got off facebook, opened my “book” and sat with a long face. a bookface.
“sure, come in.”

“how’s the writing?”
“good. good.”

“actually, no it’s not, you know, going at all. I’m not writing.”

he kissed my forehead.
“write me a love letter,” he said, and then he was off & running – well not really running, but he scooted away.

so here goes:

dear ken,
you make me swoon.
come back now.

i love you.

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10 Responses to “pants on fire”

  1. kristine

    OMG…because of you it pays to check in with FACEBOOK throughout the day…love you and the man you adore…

  2. Madge Woods

    Of course I love this and you.

  3. Hannah Kozak

    I loved “a bookface” & “he scooted away” I loved this Amy and I love you. You always make me laugh.

  4. melody george

    The two bottles I want on my shelf:
    One full of you…all you…so I can pour myself a tall cool glass of Amy…read and read and languish in your words..and cry and laugh and think we are oh so different…you and I not experiencing the same things at all and then in the same moment how very alike we are..almost identical!!!! I would pour you over and over..and drink you up…and never be sated.
    The second bottle…All the love you feel for Ken…love that would cure the world..change the orbit of the moon…cleanse every hurt…and that bottle I would share..pour a glass for everyone..”oh take all you want ” I would say..because its inexhaustible..never ending..more where that came from…

    Gosh..I just adore you….My cup runneth over

  5. Amy Wise

    You are my angel on earth. Truly. Love you woman……now go write!! =)

  6. hollye Dexter

    oh my blog.
    I love this blog.
    I’m going to write a love letter to this blog.

    Dear Amy’s blog,
    You make me swoon.
    Please come back, at least a few times a week. Every week.


  7. Cheryl Moseley

    Oh, Amy, I wouldn’t know any of these wonderful women if it weren’t for you. I can’t stand it when I have to go too long and miss your blogs. Hate it! I’m with Melody. I want the bottle. The first bottle! I have the second bottle and drink it all the time.

  8. Brauna Walsh

    Dear Ken,
    Please don’t tell Amy — but I love you so!
    xx, Brauna

  9. Linda Lichtman

    What everybody else said – especially Mel & Hollye – drinking you – thinking you – always on the brink of you. Linda Tears

  10. Debra DeAngelo

    I just LOVE your writing. 🙂
    You say SO MUCH in SO FEW words. You really have a gift.

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