do i clean my house or let it go to shit?
do i pay my bills, or say screw it?
do i write all those thank you notes or fuck you notes?
do i spend the day in bed with ken or do i go to the woodbury commons outlet?
do i give up my need to be in control or do i hold on tighter?
do i surrender to a higher power/being/the universe, or do i admit that i am in fact a goddess and i only answer to me?
do i learn to pole dance or do i just run around my house topless until i faint from exhaustion?
do i call up the phone company and cancel my land line?
do i go fore-go (or is it forgo?) my annual check-up?
do i re-order my beauty products?
do i get a new battery for my watch?
do i refill my prescriptions?
do i bathe my cats or do i let them just lick themselves silly?

or maybe…
just maybe i should live in the now, this moment, you know … live as if today were the last day with a happy face.

what a concept.

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10 Responses to “raptured”

  1. Debra DeAngelo

    There only IS the present moment, and if you are LIVING in it, rejoice! But let your cats lick themselves silly anyway! 😀

  2. Madgew

    I say just go with the day. You will live and enjoy all there is. Fuck the rapture and the “Camping guy” who is getting richer for what? To die 12:01 Sunday or is it tomorrow? Why is he asking for donations still if it all ends? I think he knows something else. What an asshole. He should find Arnold. I think Arnold has had about all the rapture one man can take in a lifetime.

  3. laurenne

    Definitely DONT pay bills!
    I think if you’re left behind, you’ll need all the money you can muster to pay off the zombies. Or something. I give up.

  4. Jane

    Can only speak for myself but I would clean my house, pay my bills etc. because I know I will as hell still be here.

  5. Barbara O

    Now is good…now is even better if chocolate is involved.

  6. Kathleen

    I am here now and if not tomorrow or Sunday or whatever day everyone is talking about at least I got to see you and Ken on Tuesday for I will never know the difference. Bums on the other hand predicts he will be the only living soul here in DF~gosh now that is one scary thought so I leave him all the weeding. lol. xoxox

  7. kristine

    the deal is, where ever I’m going I know you are going be there too…how bad can it be?

  8. Linda Lichtman

    Again, gorgeously funny! I needed this – it’ll change how I look at everything today…thanks. xoox

  9. Carol

    you are, IN FACT, a goddess, so deal with it!! XOX

  10. Hannah Kozak

    My most favorite blog about the rapture Amy. Always funny and bringing us back to the present moment.

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