in frickin’ stone

once upon a time….
growing up on long island the whole jewish girls and sex joke was a constant.
you know, as in:
jewish girls don’t give blow jobs because anything job related was out of the question.
jewish girls only blew their hair.
the only time a jewish girl was down on her knees was to, you know … find a contact lens.
and of course there was a whole crop of helen keller and jewish girl jokes which i won’t get into.
but for the record, let me just say, jewish girls are not dumb. deaf maybe, but not dumb.
and the only thing that could possibly blind a jewish girl was -is – the size of a carat.

and of course, the whole crop of jewish girls & jewelry jokes…

to bring this full circle – to the present: yesterday, four of us – four girlfriends – drooled over the van cleef & arpel exhibit at the cooper hewitt museum.

holy mother of god.
we drool.
we swoon.
it is an exhibit filled with the most extraordinary jewelry in the world. three rooms filled.

at 3:30 we leave new york city to beat the traffic.

there, on the upper west side, around 120th street (give or take a few blocks) sits a building.
it’s right on the corner.
and at that corner, a stop light.
and as we sat at the light – talking about jewelry, and how some girls have really great big jewelry, like big blinding diamond jewelry – we notice CARVED IN STONE, it reads:


in stone.

and i turn to my friend brenda, who is in the passenger seat, and i ask, ‘what building is that?”
and she looks up at the building and reads out loud, “THE JEWISH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY OF AMERICA.”

and there we were. a couple of middle aged jewish girls sitting in a car talking jewelry, talking sex, talking jewelry & sex, sitting in front of that building…

and it kinda felt, you know, ironic.

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  1. Madgew

    You crack me up Amy Ferris.

  2. Carol

    Cool!! The little things that often pass us by… :c)

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