look here, here, over here… look up… good

i get it.
we’re focusing on the penis.
don’t get me wrong. i think all of it, every bit of it is shameful.
from clinton to tiger to jesse to gore to arnold to anthony to newt, to john edwards – to every single politician – male, female, black, white, gay, straight – who has taken hypocrisy to new heights.
holy shit.

and the list, good god, is so long.
so very long.
we could go alphabetical.
it’s so embarrassing.

but to be honest with you, someone else’s sex life is not my business. my sex life is my business. someone making my sex life their business is wrong. except when it comes to children and babies. and predators and RAPE and the violation of women & men. then it’s my business. our business. when it has to do with young children, sex trafficking, pedophilia, sexual assault … then everyone gets to rant and rage and feel violated. and scream. and holler. every child’s safety – every woman’s safety – every man’s safety – is our business. period.

but someone’s personal business, marital issue is not my business unless they call me personally and ask for my advice, it’s truly none of my business.

and yes, i get the whole “oh my god what an example is he or she setting?” you can’t be “a leader” and have a sexual problem/issue. i mean we are always so shocked when the photos emerge, the video comes out, the baby turns out to be his or hers, the semen matches the dress, the homophobe is really gay, the wife is a lesbian… oh my god, we are always so shocked.

marriages end. folks cheat. wives leave husbands, husbands leave wives, children are born out of wedlock, money is misappropriated, funds are funneled, emails are hacked.

we judge everyone’s life as if we our selves are perfect.
have made no mistakes.
have no shame hidden some where deep.

i don’t wanna focus on anthony weiner’s penis.
i don’t wanna focus on john edward’s bad sad mistakes.
i don’t wanna focus on arnold’s lies and emotional cruelty and ten year old kid.

i want to focus on medicare.
the price of oil.

the hungry. the poor, the disenfranchised, the health care system, elder care, prescription drugs, doctors, teachers, children who have no food during the summer because good god they’re not in school…. i want to focus on animal rights and pro-choice, and women’s rights.

i want to focus on feeding the hungry.
filling my car with gas.


i don’t wanna focus on some man’s penis – some man i don’t know. if i’m gonna spend all this time talking about, discussing, analyzing a penis, it really should be my husband’s.

besides, i don’t wanna keep looking down, i wanna look up. i need to look up.

i need to look my REPRESENTATIVE in the eye and ask HER: hey, rosemary, why are you against abortion rights?


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12 Responses to “look here, here, over here… look up… good”

  1. Debra DeAngelo

    EXACTLY!!!!! Awesome column, as always! 🙂

  2. Madgew

    Amen to that Sister, friend Amy. But oh so much fun to see the so called righteous fall as they are so prone to not telling the truth their karma comes back to haunt them. Just tell the truth folks right or wrong, deeds or misdeeds, we are all imperfect and to think not is the biggest lie of all.

  3. hollye Dexter

    Right on girl!
    I totally agree.
    ( even though I am profoundly disappointed in my favorite ass-kicking democrat. Oh and HEY! That stuff about Gore was never proven. Just sayin’. I love him too much to believe it.)

  4. Beverlee Peters

    Fricken Brilliant!!! You make me want to shout from the rooftops!!! Love you!!!

  5. laurenne

    AMEN!!!! I came back from Honduras and I asked a man at the airport, ‘What did I miss?’ He told me about the weiner, and I was so very disappointed. Really? In three weeks, that’s the most important thing I missed? GROSS! Let’s focus on the goods. The real goods.

  6. Amy Friedman

    Amen, Amy!

    If we’re going to have this conversation, it should be about why. About what’s wrong with us that we need to focus on such inanity and ignore war. Five Americans died in Iraq yesterday and the news was all about Anthony Weiner’s penis. No wonder there’s such dysfunction out there.

  7. Krista

    Well said. You are so right.

  8. hollye Dexter

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  9. hollye Dexter

    OOps – let’s try this again.
    Here is a clever “penis disguise kit” for politicians who like to take pictures of their junk.


  10. Norbie

    Hello Amy: Out of 538 (?) Members of Congress, there should be no surprise that people’s sex lives will occasionally become the focus of media attention. I really appreciate your statement, “I don’t want to focus on anthony weiner’s penis, I want to focus on medicare, health care, education…”

    That’s what caught my attention!!! (although the “we’re focusing on the penis” made me blush…).

    Excellent Column!!!

  11. Carol

    Amy, you’ve captured the sad state of affairs oh so well! Love your voice!

  12. Mary

    Wow – just scrolled thru your blog to this. Wow – this hit home. So true – so relevant. Guess we’ve been a bit caught up in others’ lives – truly not the place to be. Thanks Amy – better persepective. Always.

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